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🔹️ #Avoid_Perfection_in_Relationship -

Ketu being in the seventh residence is frequently a #marriage_burden_yoga, carelessness or perfection (in search of Perfection) in search of the excellent or discovering no faults in the #family_finding (finding faults) in marriage #happiness_kam It happens.

🔹 A individual does no longer understand his enemy, or even understanding him, makes the mistake of dealing with him. His enemies come out solely shut to the native.

🔹️  business_me_problems - Business

If Ketu is in seventh house, there is a lot of opportunity of disappointment in commercial enterprise or its partnerships.

If you have partnered, then money-sharing and transaction must be stored smooth so that no trouble will occur tomorrow.

🔹 Those who have Ketu in their 7 residence have to do #Dushman_Nahi_, in any other case some abnormal accidents may additionally appear to you.

🔹️ Love_Matters -

When Ketu is in the seventh house, you ought to no longer enable bitterness in your relationship, in case of agreement, self-respect, Ego and Laziness have to now not be interrupted.

Ego must now not be proven even with friends.

🔹️ ties_me_Secrets in Relationship -

Because of this, your partner, husband and wife, Lovers have to now not cover some thing in mutual family members or else it can smash the count further.