सूर्य रेखा की जानकारी। Sun Line Palmistry in hindi

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सूर्य रेखा की जानकारी। Sun Line Palmistry in hindi

 सूर्य रेखा की जानकारी। Sun Line Palmistry in hindi


Sun line- Astrological pupils have given many facts about the hand lines, one of which is the coronary heart line, which tells about the love associated and love marriage in life.

Which is the coronary heart line- TSun Line - Sun Line

Surya Rekha - The line of the hand suggests matters associated to our future, we are usually keen to understand our career. We additionally name Surya Rekha as success line.

Which is the solar line - the region of the solar line is upwards from the vicinity below the ring finger, the location beneath the ring finger is known as the solar mountain, if the solar line spreads to the wrist, then Individuals are regarded extraordinary, such a line can be effortlessly viewed in the arms of fantastic men, artists.

Relationship of Surya Rekha- Surya Rekha is generally worried with ability, intelligence and popularity, subsequently it is additionally known as the line of success, alongside with it impacts the destiny line very much.

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Let us talk about about some kind of solar line.

Lack of solar line


If the lack of solar line is discovered in the palm, then such a individual achieves success with the aid of crossing the difficulty, as nicely as the tougher the native works, the greater fruit he gets.

Sun line is short

If the solar line is small, such a character additionally makes a lot of efforts to have repute and repute in his life, as nicely as such humans like to stay a ordinary lifestyles and continue to be away from appearances.

Sun line is broken

If the solar line is broken, then such a character is very serious about his career, if this line breaks and starts offevolved again, it potential that you research from your historic errors and acquire exceptional success.

Sun line intermittently

If Surya Rekha takes place intermittently, then such a character is profitable in his career, however he hardly ever receives the risk to be happiest in his life.

Sun line is undulating

If the solar line is undulating, then self-confidence and dare to face the challenges of life, alongside with this, such a character faces the ups and downs in his profession and achieves success in accordance to his tough work.

Sun line double

If the solar line is double, then in addition to your business, you additionally have capabilities and talent, you are prosperous in versatility.

The solar line is equal to the destiny line

If the solar line is equal to the good fortune line then it is a true indicator, you can obtain excellent success and true reputation in your life.

Branch from solar line

If the department from the solar line rises and goes upwards, it is a signal of accurate fortune, due to the fact of your unexpected success, different humans admire you.

Branch down from the solar line


If a department comes out from the solar line and goes downwards, then such a man or woman goals a lot. They are additionally decided to fulfill the desires they dream of due to the fact such human beings have a curiosity to get reputation and their destiny.

The cease of the solar line is on the Genius line

If the solar line stops at the head line then you are fortunate at a younger age and you obtain notable success for 34 years.

Sun line commence with destiny line

One whose solar line starts offevolved with the destiny line receives brilliant fulfillment and appreciate from others due to his top notch efforts and tough work.

Sun line start with lifeline

If the Sun Line begins from the existence line, then such a man or woman has great talent, is employed in a right position, such a man or woman continuously struggles and achieves excessive position.

Sun line begin with coronary heart line

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If a person's solar line starts offevolved from the coronary heart line, then such humans have distinct pastime in the artwork and obtain each wealth and respect.

Sun line is in the center of the hand


If the solar line is determined in the center of the hand, then such a man or woman is continuously attempting to get success from the starting and he receives the fruits of his success very soon.he role of the coronary heart line goes from beneath the little finger (pinky) to the backside of the thumb (index finger) subsequent to the thumb, it is considered simply under the fingers This line is additionally located very small in the palms of individuals.