हाथ में नक्षत्र (तारा) का चिन्ह। Star sign on palm. palmistry in Hindi

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हाथ में नक्षत्र (तारा) का चिन्ह। Star sign on palm. palmistry in Hindi

   Star sign on palm palmistry in Hindi



The significance of palmistry is very a whole lot in life. Through palmistry, a man or woman can emerge as conscious of the future and determine proper and wrong. Many sorts of strains are observed in the palm. In which the principal strains are lifeline, intelligence line and coronary heart line, and in addition to this, many kinds of signs and symptoms such as cross, rectangle, triangle, rectangular and constellation etc. are found. Each palm line and image has its very own significance. Each palm sign offers some indication about the future. The constellation additionally has its personal significance in the palm, and in accordance to its function in the palm has an have an effect on on human life. And it is additionally known as Tara. It can be located on a variety of components of the palm such as Shani Parvat, Suy Parvat, Guru Parvat, Mercury Parvat, Venus Parvat, Chandra Parvat, Rahu Parvat, Ketu Parvat, as proven in the figure. This constellation can also be observed on the marriage line, coronary heart line, and Genius line.

Let us be aware of how the constellation (Tara) impacts human lifestyles in accordance to the presence on one of a kind components of the palm.

1. Sign of the constellation on Mount Guru,

Constellation on Guru Parvat

* This individual achieves entire success. It is very auspicious to have the signal of the constellation here. When this kind of Nakshatra is being constructed on Guru Mountains, there is a quadruple upward shove in the night. Very profitable humans are like this and alongside with attaining all sorts of achievements in their life, they are going to fulfill all their wishes and desires. So every time a signal of a constellation is made right here in any way or in any way, then comprehend that such a individual will proceed to be Kuldeepak and the title of such individuals will stay until Yugo Yugo.

2. Sign of the constellation on Mount Shani,

Constellation on Mount Shani

* Such a man or woman is aware of the methods of Tantra-Mantra. When the constellation sign, or star, is fashioned on Mount Shani, it suggests that such a man or woman will end up a fantastic astrologer or giver or creator of mysteries in science, as properly as all the occult science, as many human beings grew to become well-known in all areas Are, in most of his hands, the signal of the constellation has been located on Mount Shani. So in some shape or the other, the factor that goes out of the mouth by way of such people, it receives right someplace or the other, it is why Saturn right here is viewed very auspicious.

3. Sign of the constellation on Mount Surya,

Constellation on Sun Mount

* There is full wealth benefit, and reputation is achieved. It is very auspicious to emerge as a constellation on the Sun Mount, due to the fact such a individual is going to be very well-known outdoor the country. Along with their arts, such humans are revered everywhere. And their names are remembered till Yugo Yugo. There is a lot of development in the subject of enterprise too and this is the motive that the quantity of humans working beneath such humans is viewed most.

4. The signal of the constellation on Mount Mercury,

Constellation on Mount Mercury

* Individuals acquire commercial enterprise and excessive stage scientific achievement. Mercury mountain tells your enterprise here, and when the signal of constellation is made on Mount Mercury, then such a man or woman can be considered as a businessman of excessive quality, or even show himself as a scientist or medical doctor . A character achieves commercial enterprise and a excessive stage of scientific achievement. The voice of such humans is so candy and appealing that any individual can without problems get caught in their clutches, and such humans are very professional in getting work done. And all of us is involved by using his words. You can provoke all and sundry with your words, that is, you can inspire an uninspired person, such sorts of yoga are viewed in the fingers of most of such people. .

5. The signal of the constellation on Mount Ketu,

Constellation on Mount Ketu

* That person's childhood is spent in intense happiness. Only childhood is now not happy. The total lifestyles is viewed in happiness, however has fallen into a type of thriller which no one has been capable to locate out properly until date. What sort of outcomes will come out of it, however it is really proper that, when a constellation is fashioned here, it leads to a lot of achievements to the person, as nicely as by using all of sudden taking cash closer to earnings and progress. It has been located that such human beings spend their 1% of their existence in poverty somewhere. But unexpectedly some thing takes place that will become a king from a sting. That is why if you favor to make Ketu extra glad here, then if you emerge as as non secular as possible, then for this purpose the impact of the constellation right here will be extra auspicious.

6. The signal of the constellation on Mount Venus,

Constellation on Venus Mount

* The character is wealthy in sexuality and fabric of enjoyment. Venus additionally tells about your intercourse on yah. That is why such humans are commonly seen. Because of which, there is continually intercourse in the thought and heart. Most humans are fascinated in bodily activities. But all types f luxurious lifestyles and comfort  nGPjRSx0BYs/X2iYZ0nnprI/AAAAAAAABic/2wP8yssiE2ACZJIrjDDMYKp5z0z3yED7gCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/r7.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em; text-align: center;">

7. The signal of the constellation on Mount Mars,

Constellation on Mars Mountains

* That individual is courageous, features status through his might. There is no doubt that Mangal right here tells your valiant tough work. And when the signal of Nakshatra is generated here, such human beings are no longer solely brave, however additionally are in a position to see their very own way of life on their own. This is the motive that Mars is additionally a component of land right here and human beings who have gathered a lot of wealth via the land are additionally seen.

8. Sign of the constellation on Mount Rahu,

Constellation on Rahu mountain

* Luck is constantly there, such a man or woman can get success in gambling. Rahu is a planet that offers wealth suddenly. That is why when this constellation is being constructed in China, then such a character can gather correct wealth in his existence via jugaad, betting, lottery, and with the surprising acquire of wealth, there is a lot of development in lifestyles as nicely All kinds of facilities are additionally available.

9. The signal of the constellation on Mount Chandra,

Constellation on Chandra Parvat

* The character is a seeker or is specific. On the lunar mountain there is a signal of the constellation. Such a character is capable to growth away from the vicinity of birth. After marriage, such human beings get a lot of growth and at the equal time earn cash in foreign currencies. They additionally gain immensely from water bodies. That capacity property is constructed and there is a lot of attachment to the mother.