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What do your hand strains say

* The secrets and techniques of your lifestyles are hidden in the strains of hands! Learn records associated to Hastha Rekha information and how to see and apprehend hand lines.


* Hast Rekha Gyan is a method by using which one can be aware of about the nature, destiny and the three durations (past, present, future) of a person. Aristotle, the super truth seeker of Greece on palmistry, had said, "The strains of man's palms are now not drawn for any purpose however they expose the chances of his future." According to the scriptures, palm traces Astrology has been regarded as a element of Samudra Shastra. In palmistry, alongside with hand lines, the shape, texture, color, pores and skin and nails of the hand are additionally studied. Although the approach of searching at palmistry is described in astrology. *


* Importance of hand line astrology *

* Man has constantly been curious about his future. Many questions occur in his thought about his coming tomorrow. He tries to recognize about his career, business, education, health, family, marriage, love etc. In such a situation, palmistry helps him. With this astrology, he can comprehend the challenges coming in the future and resolve them.

* Many instances it occurs that a individual is no longer in a position to understand his actual possible due to which he expends his power in the incorrect direction. But if he receives to be aware of his actual power, he achieves success by using transferring in the direction of nice direction. With the assist of hand line knowledge, he can apprehend his powers.


●●●●●●● Importance of planetary areas on the palm line

【★ The planetary areas on our palm have been determined. These planetary areas are referred to as mountains. The locations of the planet on the palm are both protruding or they are flat. The emergence of planetary areas suggests the sturdy role of natal planets. On the different hand, if the planets are flat, then the function of the natal planet is regarded to be powerless. According to palmistry astrology, these who have a bulge on their palm attain the height of success by way of taking gain of opportunities. Conversely, the planets on whose palm lie flat, they have to warfare extra for success. ★】

★★★★★★★ How to see hand line ★★★★★★★

 Knowing the future with palm line is viable solely when you understand the technique of viewing palm line. For this, we need to first have expertise about each our fingers and their ridges. According to palmistry, each our proper and left fingers have unique importance. The left hand of any individual is believed to exhibit his / her capability whilst the proper hand / s displays his / her personality. While the straight hand line offers a feel of man's future, the reverse hand line tells about his past. Apart from this, the strains drawn in our palm additionally have distinct meanings and in palmistry they are additionally regarded by way of specific names. Which are as follows. 4

◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ coronary heart line ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

★ This line is located at the backside of the fingers at the pinnacle of the hand. According to Hastha Rekha scholars, this line displays things associated to the coronary heart and emotional thoughts. This line represents the emotional aspect springing up in our brain. If a trapeze stays on this line, it shows that the individual will be very stressed and sensitive. ★】

◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ lifeline ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

रेखा ★ This line begins close to the thumb and alongside the side of the palm. The lifestyles line suggests the personality, strength, bodily fitness and well-known nation of each and every human being. In addition, this line additionally shows fundamental adjustments and tragic activities going on in our lives. If lifeline is beautiful, skinny and deep then it continues enthusiasm in life. When the lifeline moves ahead leaving sufficient house for Venus, this fitness is auspicious for life. ★】

★★★★★★★ Brain Line ★★★★★★★

रेखा ★ This line goes out from below the index finger on the part of the palm. According to the hand line astrologer, the intelligence line represents the thought of every character and as a result his verbal exchange style, getting to know artwork and intelligence. When each the Genius line and the lifestyles line go for a lengthy distance by using making the identical line, the man or woman stays underneath the impact of their household for a lengthy time. If the foundation of the lifeline and talent line is different, this circumstance suggests a lack of a household member. Such natives can additionally be obstinate. ★】

◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ fitness line ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

【★ This line begins from the wrist at the backside of the palm and goes closer to the small finger. This line suggests the fitness associated problems that a human may also have to face in future. If this line is damaged in the palm, then the human beings have to face fitness problems. When the fitness line is straight and clear and it reaches the Mercury field, the disorder resistance of such natives is strengthened. ★】

◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ destiny line ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

★ this line starts offevolved from the wrist at the backside of the palm to the center finger. The destiny line indicates the career, success and challenges of a human being. When the destiny line starts offevolved from the area of the moon, the native makes a dwelling with the aid of doing a job. When the destiny line rises from the lifeline, the destiny of such natives is delayed. ★】

★★★★★★★ Surya Rekha ★★★★★★★

★ This line lies beneath the ring finger. Hast Rekha specialists say that Surya Rekha refers to the things associated to admire or disputed instances which are observed in life. This function makes the character awesome when the solar line strikes down from the Sun region. Such humans can be very qualified. ★】