Mastik Rekha in palmistry
In Hastha Rekha Shastra, the headline is additionally acknowledged as Gyan Rekha. It is one of the necessary strains that are considered and analyzed in palmistry to predict the occasions of one's current existence and analyze the future possibilities.

Brain line meaning
A person's intellectual or mental potential is acknowledged from the intelligence line. In hand astrology it suggests the electricity of the thinking and its capabilities.
Place of the talent line in the palm
According to palm astrology, it lies horizontally between the thumb and index finger above the lifeline.

Brain line type
• long
People whose talent line is long, their ideas are clear, they are properly at thinking. Are thoughtful closer to others. Due to the lengthy line of the brain, the character has to blink greater eyelashes, which may also no longer work nicely for them all the time.
• medium
"clear: both; text-align: center;"> If the pinnacle line extends from the ring finger to a medium size then such humans are viewed clever and brilliant. They have correct potential to function each and every task.
• Less
If the headline extends solely to the center finger, then such human beings are sluggish to respond. They are additionally viewed reckless and very impulsive. Such humans are cautious to be extra accountable and lively to keep away from bother on each private and expert front. It must be so.

Brain line shape
Straight: - People with straight Genius line are probably to be very sturdy mentally and have exquisite analytical abilities. They are sensible and extraordinarily dedicated. Subjects like Mathematics, Science and Technology like these natives.

Curved: - If a person's palm has a curved Genius line, it is tolerant and realistic. They remain away from lies.

Down the line: - If the line goes down then the native is regarded exceedingly innovative and artistic. Such human beings can be affected by means of thoughts and most of the time are in bother due to this.
If the Genius line crosses the coronary heart line
If there is a move at the quit of the line then the individual has exact commonplace knowledge. Unfortunately, he sees many ups and downs in life, however he strikes on.
Close to the coronary heart line at the end: - If the give up line is shut to the coronary heart line, then the private relationship of humans with such line is viewed good. They are useful and additionally get proper assist and help to overcome the troubles that come in their way.

Connection of Genius line and lifestyles line: - If the talent line overlaps the lifestyles line, then the native is in all likelihood to be introverted and thoughtful. The longer the overlap, the greater concerned the native will be.

Away from the lifeline: - If the intelligence line is some distance from the lifeline, then such human beings are viewed bold, extroverted and successful. They are distinctly independent, full of self-esteem. Unfortunately, the Jatakas choose to manage their love due to which the love lifestyles is typically no longer smooth.

Double talent line: - A man or woman with this sort of intelligence line has sturdy intellectual ability and doubles in character. Women go out to succeed, however additionally face twists and modifications in marriage.

Two pointed intelligence line
Downwards: - If there is a downward tip in the talent line, then the native can be a proper thinker with sturdy potential to resolve problems. The native controls his chaotic tendency.

Upside: - Natives with such a Genius line have a sturdy ability. They are prosperous in talent. The natives are unrealistic in some areas of life. Many of these are recognized to dominate others.

Tufted intelligence line
If you have tassels (group of rows) in your palm's talent line, you are most probably to sense dizzy most of the time. The native might also ride headache and nervousness.

If the intelligence is fashioned like a mountain on the line then the character is in all likelihood to have reminiscence issues and frustration. If the measurement of the mountain is more, then there is a opportunity of growth.
If there is a big name made of many traces on the headline, then it will increase the danger of injury, in such a case, the character ought to be careful. The native may additionally additionally go through from illnesses like headache. Fortunately the native can be knowledgeable.

Brain line crossing
Crossing the talent line indicates that the individual is shy and weak-willed. The man or woman is afraid. It additionally suggests a excessive likelihood of a serious accident.

Chain form on the intelligence line
It is very frequent to have a chain-like sample on the intelligence line. It displays concentration, deliberation and terrible memory. The native may also lack determination. If the determine seems in the complete Genius line, then the character is susceptible to Genius disease. If there is a chained discern on the intelligence line and the lifestyles line, then the character can be made to work by means of greed of any variety of thing.

Broken Genius line
If the headline is damaged into two parts, then there is a opportunity of surprising deterioration of the man or woman and there may additionally be limitations in the profession of the person. If there are gaps in the line then the man or woman is robust minded however unluckily can't reconcile with the accomplice and can also face a break-up.