Mars and Ketu Conjunction Transit 2016

Mars and Ketu Conjunction Transit 2016

Ketu is the south node of the Moon is a headless physique which represents separation, isolation, confusion, misunderstanding and the abandonment of the cloth world. This shadow planet represents spirituality, nothingness, and matters that we already carried out in previous lives.

Mars is the electricity of our vitality of the body, strength, braveness , warfare ability, anger, in how we strategy our anger with people, potential of self-discipline in a current movement.

On December eleven and for almost 6 weeks on till January 19 2017. The planet of impatience and motion in the signal society, neighborhood involvement, social revolution looking a higher world for everyone. So this mixture produce liberal minded and idealistic humans who can do excellent for the society.

However how these two planetary electricity works collectively it completely rely on their signal lord.
Right now Mars and Ketu in Aquarius signal of Saturn in Scorpio in Mars ruling sign. There is parivartan yoga formation between Mars and Saturn.

Mars and Ketu each are fiery in nature and when they conjunct with every different they definitely superior every different energy. However Ketu is hidden in nature so the individual have hidden Mars power and he or she don’t know. The individual is stressed about his personal ability for competition, fights, and aggression until they come to recognize by means of any disagreeable incident. Those human beings who have this conjunction they ought to take motion with their thinking in any other case there can be a mess created with the aid of these two energies. These human beings would not care if they get damage and these two planets can make conditions complicated. Ketu is eclipse factors as a non secular and transcendent in nature and additionally the symbolize some thing best however these two planets collectively have a draw back as properly due to the fact of Ketu shadow nature. Ketu being and eclipse factor usually create confusion, deception and illusions. Now Ketu with Mars planet of violence is growing confusion related with your moves and it is problematic.

So how this conjunction have an effect on your signal in your very own non-public chart and what kind of undertaking you may also face in your non-public life.

Aries Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your eleventh house, the residence of dreams and ambitions. Mars the motion planet in this phase of your chart contributes beneficial electricity for pushing you closer to extra achievements. Ketu can add in the doable for altruistic desires that gain your buddies and associates. But the terrible thing of this power is confusion and uncertainty associated with your actions. So it is essential to virtually suppose earlier than any action, so that you can use this strength for true motion and this electricity can used for some invaluable reason for the society.

Taurus Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your tenth house, the residence of work in career, expert activities, fame and reputation. Mars offers you strength to work challenging at your commercial enterprise to take motion in your expert pastimes and offers you the braveness to provoke a new project. But Ketu generates dissatisfaction with the fame and create phantasm and confusion with the tenth residence of superiors and the authorities. Mars is the planet of fight and Ketu can make a variety of fog of warfare atmosphere. So you have to be cautious of getting carried away too aggressive and growing combat with your superiors or with authorities sector.

Gemini Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your ninth house, the residence of destiny, fortune, greater education, religion, father, beliefs and long-distance travellings. Mars is an motion planet so going in a ninth residence would be splendid for some travelling. Mars in ninth residence will compel you to promote your very own beliefs and you may also indulge in some arguments towards all and sundry else whose beliefs do not agree with yours. Mars in the ninth residence of meritorious deeds in Aquarius desires world to development and beneficial to others. Ketu have the viable for self-sacrificing and humanitarian work in the ninth residence of community.

Cancer Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your eighth house, the residence of companions wealth, financial, secret actions, persistent problems, scandal and humiliation. Mars in the eighth residence can be too aggressive with partner. So cautious of giving into impulse for that turns out to be resentment. Mars in eighth residence tries to manipulate matters to work to your monetary advantage. But Ketu have capability for growing phantasm and blended with Ketu previous existence karma effect, economic involvement may want to come to be a supply of scandal and humiliation. Mars is additionally the planet of infections, damage and surgical operation the eighth residence is the residence of continual fitness can provide a incorrect prognosis as Ketu constantly create confusion and makes extra problematic.

Leo Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your seventh residence of your one-on-one relationships, spouse, commercial enterprise associate and clients. Mars is typically not easy in seventh residence for relationships. There may want to be hostilities or argument with your associate or with any commercial enterprise clients. Ketu is the planet of dissatisfaction and mystery. So you may additionally be prefer ideal deal or you may additionally get some difficult and mysterious human beings at some stage in this transit. The seventh residence is the residence of the direct enemy and Mars and Ketu transiting in this residence making your enemy strong. So attempt to remain away from any one-on-one hostilities as Mars and Ketu in seventh residence ought to make scenario worse for you.

Virgo Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your sixth residence of your health, disease, employment, relationship with coworkers and potential to resolve problems. Mars transiting in sixth residence is regarded beneficial for defeating enemies, overcoming barriers and fixing problems. But Mars is the planet of infections, inflammations, harm and accident, so cautious in these areas. Ketu make the fitness trouble mysterious and tough to diagnose. So it is precise to 2d opinion with different doctors. Mars in sixth residence of coworkers and personnel shows practicable for conflicts with these people. Ketu is the planet of illusions and confusion so there is lot of possible for unseen problems.

Libra Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your fifth house. Mars and Ketu will have an effect on your relationship with your lover, baby and private happiness. Mars and fifth residence of ardour however with indifferent ketu the ardour and want little bit cools off. Ketu should provide mystical and non secular enthusiasts or you can additionally inclined toward spirituality. Fifth residence is the residence of talent and creativity. Mars is the planet of enthusiasm can increase your power in some new innovative project. Ketu can brings out some mystical or illusory creativity. But be careful that you are not being misled via your personal ungrounded and illusionary mindset.

Scorpio Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your 4th residence of internal peace, contentment, property, and home harmony. Mars in 4th residence is no longer a favorable internal peace and contentment, however true for shopping for and promoting property. Mars in 4th residence region can create aggression and disagreement from others in your home. Mars with Ketu planet of idealism and dissatisfaction can make the domestic horrible in the course of this transit. Mars is the planet of conflict in your fourth residence of mom along with Ketu ought to lead to misunderstanding and its roots in the previous that can without problems explode into quarrel and battle with mother.

Sagittarius Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your 0.33 residence of desire, courage, ability and siblings. These two planets in the residence of sibling is no longer suitable for relationship with siblings. However this is regarded to be a favorable transit for any motion which you desire to take. Mars and Ketu in the third residence of braveness supply massive quantity of courage, Genius and skill. Ketu in third residence recommend that you have may additionally got here out some latent ability which you can use. However Ketu can misjudge the scenario the tendency is to go off half of way. Your efforts can be wasted or no longer being liked by using others.

Capricorn Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your 2nd residence of finances, immateriality, household and speech. Mars in the 2d residence shows harsh and impolite speech. Mars the planet of warfare in 2nd residence of friends, household members of the family now not good. Ketu is the planet of confusion makes buddies and household confusing. Mars can be very energetic for incomes cash however concurrently can amplify expenditure due to the fact this is the planet of impulse buyer. Ketu can makes your speech idealistic however concurrently open to misinterpretation and so perplexing to others. Ketu as the value of previous existence karma with Mars in 2nd residence speech can produces conditions the place you locate your self defending or combat what used to be stated i the previous via you.

Aquarius Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your first residence of ascendant skill self or you. This is an energizing and the identical time laborious transit for you. Mars in 1st residence makes character very lively and likes bodily actions. So it is suitable to have initiatives and difficult work. Mars with Ketu in Aquarius in your first residence skill you choose to do precise for society. social idealism wishes to have an outlet. You favor to accomplish matters which are exact for others. Mars transiting in 1st residence makes you ambitious, impatient and impulsive and with Ketu it can distort the Mars energy. So be cautious associated with your actions in any other case you can also give up up with some unintended consequences.

Pisces Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will have an effect on your twelfth house, the residence of sleep, subconscious, hidden matters and the unknown human beings and places. Mars is the planet of essential strength and when transiting in the twelfth residence it can disturb sleep, and can supply anxiety. Mars additionally signifies conspiracy, so in the residence of unknown, anyone can betray you. Mars with Ketu in twelfth residence of unconscious can provide violent and nervous dreams. Ketu in twelfth residence point out some unresolved previous lifestyles karma. Mars with Ketu in twelfth residence should create confusion and compel you to do something. So you want to cautious in any other case you may additionally feel sorry about later on. Mars in the residence of humanitarian motion alongside with idealistic Ketu may additionally instantaneous you to do volunteer work.