Marriage line. Vivah Rekha in hindi.

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Marriage line. Vivah Rekha in hindi.

    Marriage line. Vivah Rekha in hindi.

Marriage line

(Marriage Line)

Marriage Line - The marriage line is at the backside of your Mercury mountain in the hand and it generally expresses your love affair, reconciliation and attachment. At the equal time, it tells that at what age you are extra in all likelihood to get married and how many will stay in your life. It talks about love affairs and relationships with the contrary sex. Marriage is the most worthwhile phase of lifestyles and it is very vital to discover it in the proper way, due to the fact it tells about the age of marriage as properly as the arrival of new character in life. This marriage line additionally tells you when and with whom you are going to shape a shut relationship. If you choose to get the specific data for the marriage line, then no longer solely the marriage line however additionally the different signs and symptoms of the hand also have to be examine carefully which tells about the sum of your marriage. The marriage line which is lengthy and clear is the indicator of marriage. As proven in Fig.

Most human beings are most curious about when they will get married.

When will the wedding ceremony take place

The marriage line is above the coronary heart line and if your marriage line is current close to the coronary heart line, then recognize that your marriage will be in a very younger age, such as between 17 and 19 years of your marriage. Yoga is very strong. If this marriage line exists between these two, the coronary heart line and Mercury mountain, then the sum of your marriage between the a while of 20 and 27 is the strongest. And if this marriage line is a little greater than the center part, then the possibilities of your marriage going from 28 to 38 years old. But its entire conclusion i.e. whole data is made by using searching at the destiny line and lifeline.

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Some essential matters associated to love affair and department, which you want to comprehend the most, so let's talk about some different essential marriage line i.e. above the marriage line

When there is extra than one marriage line in the palm, it tells greater than one love, attachment, love, type of attachment to anyone. This does no longer suggest that you will get married extra than once, however someplace after marriage your possibilities of having a relationship can remain. Somewhere these human beings stay in search of love and pick to pick out their love someplace else. And there are extra variations between husband and spouse and variations are additionally there, and there is additionally estrangement or dissatisfaction about some thing or the other.

If a person's marriage line is tilted down, it skill that their existence associate will maintain it below pressure, that is, their lifestyles associate will go greater and such a individual usually tries to keep the marriage and bends himself. Huh.

The one whose marriage line is upwards, on the junior finger, it potential that such a character is now not involved in marital life. Marriage totals are additionally viewed to be much less due to this reason, and such natives ordinarily select to be single and stay single.

If the marriage line is damaged in any way, then even after the marriage, it tells the sum to continue to be the distance or the Divorce divorce sum. On the different hand, if the line is existing right here however it is now not searching very blurred and clear, even then such a individual is disadvantaged of the joys of marriage even after marriage.

If the signal of the move is existing on the marriage line or in any way at the cease of the marriage line, then it is viewed very inauspicious due to the fact it expresses the ups and downs in the marriage lifestyles to the opposition.

The signal of the island in the center of the marriage line or above the marriage line is now not right, it expresses pain and pain in the marriage.

If a individual has a mole above the marriage line, then it suggests awful fitness which will stay to your lifestyles companion or you will continue to be after marriage.

When a line touches the marriage line with the complete hand crossed, or a line crossing the marriage line or a straight line is greater present, it regularly suggests delays and barriers in marriage of such people. And there are extra possibilities of marriage breakdown.

If the marriage line reaches the Sun Mountains, it is very auspicious due to the fact the sum of the marriage of such natives with high attainment human beings is extra or the sum of being in a large clan is more. But if this solar goes past slicing the line, then recognize that your honor and dignity after marriage will be respecte

If a character has solely one marriage line in one hand and two marriage line in the different hand then it is very auspicious due to the fact such a man or woman spends his married lifestyles in a very enjoyable way. Because such humans discover their lifestyles companion all virtuous and as if they are male then very stunning lady will be discovered as properly as cultured and justice will be scan and character. Secondly, if a lady has such yoga in her hand, then the man will be very excessive incomes character and very intelligent.

It is viewed auspicious to have solely one marriage line and clear marriage line and direct marriage line. If there is a comparable marriage line in each hands, then such human beings are going to stroll very nicely in their marriage, this is the solely cause that their married lifestyles is profitable as nicely as their adolescents are very cultured.

Palmistry marriage line

So understand some different warning signs which point out what type of inhibitors or sorts of yoga will be coming in your life.

The destiny line going from Chandra Parvat expresses the advantages after marriage, growth and very suitable life. Such humans make a lot of growth after marriage. And with quadruple night time progress, each and every want is fulfilled.

There is a coronary heart line simply beneath the marriage line and in this coronary heart line, if a discern like Go Ask is made at the end, then it tells that you will stay in the flight of romantic nature. Such human beings are very properly off after marriage. But there is a trouble in this, that their gaze or dialog on some other girl or a overseas man is in such a way that it can motive a little inhibition in their married life. So for this purpose their partner additionally feels insecure.

Trident on marriage line

In this way, making a trident somewhere in your hand is very auspicious, however if this trident is above your marriage line, then you will apprehend that after marriage, there will be 4 moons in your life. Because it explains the totals of being lucky. Such natives are very lucky due to the fact the signal of the trident shows the sum of married existence correctly here. There is a lot of wealth after the marriage of such a individual and there is no scarcity of whatever in lifestyles and at the equal time a lot of love and affection is given to the spouse.