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Jeevan Rekha - According to the culture going on from our Puranas, palm line is very essential in our life, which describes our each and every sequence of events, Jeevan Rekha offers us records associated to age and life.

What is the lifeline - The place of the lifeline starts offevolved from the base of the thumb and comes close to the wrist in the structure of a circle, feeding the palm, it is regarded to be a very high quality line.

Where is the lifeline? (Life Line in Hand): The lifeline is surrounded with the aid of a decrease vicinity of ​​the thumb. It is regarded to be the vicinity of Venus. This line starts offevolved from the center of the index finger and the thumb and goes to the brain. Its unfold is like an arch.

Relation of lifeline- This line is associated to checking out the bodily energy as nicely as describing the essential data associated to disorder resistance and health, solely from this line can a individual realize his age and diseases.

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All the secrets and techniques of human existence and demise are hidden in the traces of hands. This line which tells this secret of existence cycle is known as Life Line in Hands / Palm. Let us talk about about some of its types.

Lifeline is short

If the lifeline in the hand is brief then you do no longer assume that the man or woman will be short, due to the fact if the coronary heart line is lengthy and the existence line is short, then the character is of lengthy existence and if the existence line is lengthy and the coronary heart line is brief then Even a man or woman is regarded to be of lengthy age.

Lifeline be lengthy and deep

The lifeline is very necessary in the hand. This line can additionally be known as the replicate of existence in easy language. If the lifeline of a individual is lengthy and deep, then such a character indicates correct health, endurance.

Lifeline is double and triple

If the existence line is viewed in the double and triple line, then such humans are surrounded through high-quality electricity and they have monstrous potential to tolerate. At the identical time, they preserve transferring ahead with wonderful questioning in their life.

Lifeline broken

If the lifeline of man is damaged in many places, then such a man or woman indicates war in life, many adjustments in lifestyles and if this lifeline is damaged via shifting in the wrist phase then it suggests that childhood of these natives Has long past thru outstanding difficulties.

Lack lifeline

If there is a lack of lifeline in the palm, then such humans face many difficulties in their existence and they constantly attempt to pass beforehand in life, being anxious and their nature occasionally appears irritable.

Lifeline be chain

If the lifeline is chained, then you are born very unwell, such a person's fitness modifications now and again in accordance to the weather, such as colds and colds.

Branch from existence line up

If branches in a person's lifeline go up, then such humans are going to get fulfillment and success easily. He continues to get success in accordance to his potential everywhere.

Branch beneath lifestyles line

It is viewed touchy to fitness if branches in the person's existence line are bent downwards. Such human beings are additionally viewed very agile in work.

Lifeline in the end break up into two

If the lifeline divides into two components from the stop to one lunar mountain and the different to Venus mountain, then such a individual is a businessman and wishes to depart his us of a and settle overseas to get success in the subject of business.

Lifeline no longer divided by means of end

If the lifeline is now not divided at the give up and goes to the Venus mountain (lower region of ​​the thumb), then such human beings settle in their very own usa always and they have a lot of attachment closer to their country.

Lifeline ends like a bunch

If the lifeline is like the give up bunches, such natives have longevity, as properly as such humans decide upon to be on my own in historic age. Instead of residing with family, they have a unique fashion of residing on my own in historical age.

Life Line Reading in Hindi: It is solely by way of analyzing the lifestyles line that a person's age and illnesses in his lifestyles can be detected.

* Life line need to be long, thin, clear and except any hindrance.

* If the small traces are reduce or go in many locations on the lifeline in the palms of the native, then they do no longer provide excellent information.

* If the strains make a mark of a megastar someplace on the lifestyles line, then it is a signal of ailments associated to the spine. The white dot suggests the hassle of the eyes. A black spot or mole or move on the lifeline factors toward the accident. But if it crosses it then it ability that the native will emerge from issues in the lifestyles in the morning.