Impact of Rahu in all zodiac signs/rashi

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Impact of Rahu in all zodiac signs/rashi

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we call him Demon or Brahm but Snake will never step out of its way to try Onslaught us without a reason, Nodes basically our karmic balance Sheet and deliver fruits According to our Own Actions, They have to do with Mystisism, occult Energy and our Subconscious mind. Interestingly wherever Rahu lands our hunger goes irrespective of sign house and placement and the Nature of our hunger depends on overall dignity of Rahu. let's take for example According to Sign

➡️ Rahu in ♈ ARIES - hunger Goes for knowledge, dignity, livelihood, Self ability vitality, strong character etc

➡️RAHU in TAURUS ~ Great designing Sence and creativity,  hunger goes for stable cash balance matters, happiness in family, basic knowledge etc

➡️RAHU in Gemini ~ Hunger goes for deliver insights, Mental strength, Personal skills, communication etc, Gemini is biped human sign so Tendency towards humanity.

➡️Rahu in cancer - creative Sence and hidden Emotions, person may caring and sensitive, interested in Undisclosed matters and look for many things in mind !

➡️RAHU in leo ~ Hunger may goes for Royal status, Dignified background, Creativity, grasping knowledge, Mantra chant, Entertainment etc

➡️Rahu in Virgo ~ Hunger may goes for ever growing the things, success in Competition with Analytical skills.

➡️Rahu in Libra ~Lord of sign is venus aka mritsanjeevini, hunger may goes for self ability factors, artistic approach,  Fulfilments of Secret Passions etc,

➡️Rahu in Scorpion - Scorpion basically sign of transformation aka learning the unlearnings and Rahu don't have habits to play with ups and downs, but still the hunger may goes for mystisism, Deep research and having great Intuition knowledge .

➡️RAHU in SAGITTARIUS ~ Hunger may goes for studying philosophy or old scriptures, Ritual and charities, something for serve.

➡️RAHU in CAPRICORN ~ Hunger for service, position and livelihood through actions ( Kriyashakti/ krimyaman) and happiness in mundane level.

➡️RAHU IN AQUARIUS - Hunger for prapti, laabh, briddhi, psychology spiritual secrets etc

➡️RAHU IN PISCES ~ Deep thoughts ( atma Chintan ), Self study towards divinity, donation, outbox thinking and seeking for Self Realization.

★ Whatever I mentioned above that's basically in general Sence when Rahu holds good dignity, but  Inauspicious Placement of Rahu without any doubt Change the overall picture with depression, fear, anxiety, blame, punishments, ILLUSIONS etc. SECONDLY - We Must look at the dispositor also to Assess final outcome of Placement of Rahu, it's said Nodes ABSORD THE ENERGY OF PLANET WITH WHICH PLANET THEY lands.

★ To Nullify ILL effects of Nodes ask forgiveness from Naga devata, wether Ananth Sesh Naga of lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva's Vasuki do jalabhishek for the protection of evil energy.

★ The facts between snake Kalia and Lord Krishna, whereas lord Krishna blesses whosoever will offer water/ food and prayers to snakes on Naga Panchami will Get relief from troubles .

★ Mahagauri the 8th from of Mahamaya removes all the struggle By Rahu Dev.

★ Chandi Havana and Durga saptasathi during Rahu kaal is greatest protection sheilds from evil energies


★ Maya is always attractive than Brahmin Jupiter, Malefic Rahu shows opposite nature of spiritual guru JUPITER and lift us towards adharma, How'ver Rahu always defeated by JUPITER so we should do something for Jeeva balance factors - i.e plantation of peepal tree,  it is a rich source of oxygen and shade, Offer sweet kheer to peepal tree and light a lamp using sesame oil near the peepal tree, Do pradakshina as much as possible around peepal tree and chant om namoh bhagavate vasudevaya on amavasya.

★ APPLYING sandal paste on forehead.

★ They says Rahu Looks for future who lives in heart of shiva ( ~ काला द्रुष्टि काला रूपा,श्री कांता हृदयाश्रया ) ~ and who knows kal except Mahakal ?

JAI Jai Mahakal