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Brain Line - Head Line

             Brain Line - Head Line

Brain line - Man is very worried about his future, so always is eager to know his future fruit, we can find positive and skill energy from the brain line.

Which is the brain line - The brain line originates from the edge of the palm between the thumb and index finger, extends across the palm in the middle part above the lifeline and below the heart line.

The relation of the brain line- The brain line is related to the energy, rationality, skill ability, etc. of the native, this line does not necessarily extend over the entire palm, sometimes it remains confined to the middle part of the palm.

Let us discuss about some type of brain line.

Long brain line

If this line is long in the palm of the person, then that person is clear thinking and caring for others, good thinking person.

Brain line ring finger

If the brain line extends only to the ring finger, then such persons are strong and brilliant.

Brain line is short

If this line is short, the speed of reaction in such a native is found to be of normal nature. Such natives do each of them by considering the right way and thinking.

Brain line straight

If the brain line is straight, then you have a strong analytical ability, practical and dedicated spirit and perform well in the fields of mathematics, commerce, science and technology.

Bend over the brain line


If there is a tilt in this line then it shows the qualities of a gentle, tolerant and realist of the person, the native can try his talent in these fields (mass media, public relations, literature, social science, psychology).

Tilt the brain line to the wrist

If the brain line is inclined towards the wrist, then such people have artistic talent, high creation ability, immense power of imaginary power, such people are equipped with the talent of skilled painter, writer or poet, such people can quickly flow in emotion Those of the people are not there.