Three Dimensional Relationship Astrology

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Three Dimensional Relationship Astrology

                Three Dimensional                              Relationship Astrology

When someone wants to read a relationship, it is not just a method. Relations are three dimensional means, which derive the subject from three dimensions. In a three-dimensional relationship we analyze three factors.

1. Personal capacity for love in a relationship.
2. The transitional part
3. Kuta system.

1. First we need to analyze each person's chart because personal charts are going to show their potential for love. So each person is going to have an ability and tendency, which is shown in the chart as to what kind of relationship behavior they have towards others. Because your behavior reflects equality in partnership. So one thing in the relationship is common is you. Relation to the individual's own behavior. For example, what they like or what they dislike in a relationship. If someone has a warm temperament, it will definitely show up in their relationship as well. The first part of relationship astrology is often overlooked. It just means that you are a person and what kind of instinct and ability you have for love. So that the assessment is done first.

The first part done by estimating the Moon and Venus in the horoscope. The Moon shows receptivity to emotions and how you react in a relationship. The Venus part shows how much we are willing to adjust, compromise and attract in a relationship.

E.g. If you have a Moon with Saturn, it means that you have a tendency to take things seriously and become more serious in a relationship. And if you have Venus with Ketu then it means that you have a hard time to be happy in the relationship.

2. The second part is the Synastry part. Synastry means when you place one chart on top of another and see how each person's planets relate with the other. It shows what kind of buttons are pushed when two people interact with each other. This is very important because it shows what kind of energy gets activated around you and them. If something is positive you react positively to them but if there is something negative you can be defensive around them and protect yourself.


E.g. If you have Moon in Taurus, and Jupiter in Taurus of another person, it makes you feel emotionally and supportive towards each other. If you have Moon in Cancer and the other person is Saturn in Cancer and is going to be emotionally heavy.

3. The third part is the Kuta system. This part comes under Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, the Kuta system is a two-person horoscope matching that depends on the Moon constellation because the Moon is the importance of the mind and mostly we relate our mind to another person. The Kuta system is like a soul relationship between two people. In the Kuta system we examine at a deeper level the compatibility between two person at the spiritual, psychological, subconscious level. It measures the flow of life force or energy between two people, be it harmonious or religious. Any obstruction in this current can cause loss of power. Many matches are measured to see if there is a barrier to the couple's energy flow. Vedha, Rajju, and Stri-Durga These are the most important matches and any one of them who is suffering will cause serious difficulties within the relationship. If Rajju, Nadi or Rasi are unacceptable, then an exception may exist which removes great difficulties; The relationship will be weak, but doable. If the strii-derga suffers, but the Rasi Kuta exception is met, the strii-derga will also be fine.


1. Vedha Kuta: Interruption - A terrible defect - Mutual distortion constellation. When you have a connection to "obstacles", the partners will constantly face challenges trying to get together. When "barriers" do not exist between partners they are able to overcome any external interference and live in peace.

2. Rajju Kuta: Rope - Ties a couple unfortunately on the basis of equal part of the body. Rajju should not be the same. If they have only one cord, they may face some problems in life. When you have a connection to "bad luck", it is difficult to comfort and enjoy each other in the relationship. When you do not have a bad luck relationship between your stars, you have a greater chance of being able to easily reveal and develop your connection.

There are five strands:

Paada Rajju: The couple will go astray and will not settle in life. Partners can be psychologically 'unstable'. The person becomes restless and. Develops a desire to 'wander'. Intentionally or unknowingly the person will create situations that keep them away from each other.

Oro Rajju: Due to this reason sexual problems can occur at the physical or psychological level. There may be a feeling of frustration. Subtle or sublime experiences of sexual gratification will be ruled out. Gradually interest will decrease.


Kati Rajju: On a mental level it can give rise to feelings of anxiety, tension, ins