Sushant Singh Rajput - His Suicide and His Hand Analysis

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Sushant Singh Rajput - His Suicide and His Hand Analysis

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Sushant Singh Rajput's * suicide surprised everyone. Celebrities who killed themselves in the early days of stardom are rare but those who killed themselves in modern times are not so rare. The pressures are high in many professions, most notably in the acting field. You are as good as your previous movie!

What was it that led Sushant to take this extreme step? It is common knowledge that he had difficulties in his career. Did he imagine that he would never fulfill his ambitions?

His hand shows that he had the ability to reach the top. His sensitivity, creativity and talent is evident on his hand. Wasn't his temperament compatible with Bollywood's parole, parole world?

Sushant's hand is well shaped, in the sense that it is a broad wide palm. His fingers, though on the short side, are not very short. A good balance. The phalanges of his fingers are balanced, as well as none of the phalanges. His fingers are conical at the tips with strong fingers of sindoor (middle) and apollo (ring). The Jupiter finger (index finger) may not be that strong, but it is set high. Even in a blurry picture, the lines seem clear, and the thumb is usually set with a good balance of both the top (will) phalange and the second (logic) phalange. A gorge of Venus exists, though on the left, more passive arm. The most prominent is the Moon Mountains.

The lines, although clear, are not well balanced with each other. The heart line is very straight (which shortens its length) and sets very low, moving towards the headline. Interestingly, on the left hand that reflects inherited qualities (and to some extent the subconscious mind), the heartbeat is normal. The headline is largely linked to the lifeline with both hands.

You can see his hand photo here.

By itself, a headline tied to a lifeline is common on many hands and usually does not affect the person in a negative way as it is about the early years. Compared to some Western societies, some degree of protective behavior towards children is common in our society. Usually, most people reach this hyper-security, but this is not always the case. It depends on the rest of the arm.

Sushant's hand reflects a complex personality. It reflects a high level of emotional sensitivity, idealism, an imaginative mindset, insecurity about self and introversion, with a strong ambition for fame and name. Although he inherited high ambitions and drives to succeed, the truth is that these values ​​became more effective at the expense of other things in his current personality. Ambition by itself is good. Feelings of insecurity are also often a motivating factor in the lives of many highly successful personalities because success assimilates feelings of insecurity.

so what's wrong? He has amazing talent in his hand, a creative mind-set of the kind of sensibility he could see as one of the greatest actors of our time. But they did not give it time.

The answer lies on his hand and in his personality. People with all three lines of connectedness (heart, head, and life) often have problems with relationships and one reason for this is that it may show an inability to stay in touch with one's true feelings because feelings of vulnerability are difficult to cope with. is. True feelings can be suppressed, even they are raging below the surface. It can promote control and other types of behavior that can drive away those who love that person. This can make a person unable to prioritize a loved one. The aim of Sushant's life was his ambition to succeed. This is quite common among many youths today and high-powered individuals are obsessed with their careers. But if they are not careful, it can take away loved ones because it can overcome the person, even the cold. And this is not only about romantic relationships.

Sushant's hand shows intelligence and logical thinking but like all of us, he needed emotional support during a time when he was feeling low. He did not reach out. He was very proud. He did not want to appear weak.

It is shocking that other people are being blamed for his suicide. No one can be blamed. This is a terrible tragedy.

* (Sushant was an Indian television and film actor who died by suicide at the age of 34 in June 2020)