Sannyas is it in your destiny ?

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Sannyas is it in your destiny ?


"A man or woman who neither rejoices upon attaining some thing first-rate nor laments upon acquiring some thing unpleasant, who is self-intelligent, who is unbewildered, and who is aware of the science of God, is already located in transcendence." (Bhagavad Gita 5.20)

Look around, sun rises from the East units in the West. One season follows another. Sea-Evaporation-Clouds-Rain.  From mango seed solely the mango bushes develop and now not the apple, likewise for all plant life and animals. Egg-Caterpillar-Metamorphosis-Butterfly. One who is born will have to die. All lifeless radiate radiocarbon, used for age calculation from archaeological sites. All planets and stars continue to be in their role by way of positive forces. Everything in this universe is very systematic and follows positive laws, so why presume that between beginning and death, there is no device or regulation that’s being followed? God created this universe underneath a precise plan. He created this brahmanda or universe underneath the operation of precise legal guidelines and when these legal guidelines are understood, the entire format exhibits itself.

Palmistry is the ‘study of the hand’ and quite a number symptoms on it. Lines that run throughout the palm, the mounts (or fleshy parts) of the palm and the shape of fingers maintain the secret to our previous and future. The hand can't act by using itself, for there is no Genius or talent to direct it, however all that it does is by way of command of the brain. The hand suggests what sort of brain, the seat of intelligence, is directing it. I consider unconscious section of the intelligence shops the destiny. Everything that we had been born with when we got here into this world, who and what we are these days and what we will be in future is indicated on our hand. Well it’s a form of DNA. It is like a code that we want to decipher.

To take to a existence of a sannyasi (ascetic), is it the future of an individual? Our historic scriptures say that after eighty four lakh births we are born as human beings. We are in this cycle of ‘birth-death’ until our soul attains its goal. Moksha or best liberation is the intention of the soul whereby the soul or atma turns into one with the holy paramatma. When a unique soul will take beginning is determined by way of the individual’s accrued karmas. The start of a character takes location beneath positive planetary stipulations once more relying upon his or her amassed karmas. God is truely magnificent, he writes our future in our palm as prints or you may also name it a manual. Owing to karmic amnesia--‘forgetfulness’, we may also no longer take into account our previous births or be aware of our current life’s future plan, however at the soul stage there’s a clear consciousness as to why he or she has taken beginning and for what purpose.

Why do you assume God determined to write our future in our hand? I believe, ‘hand’ symbolizes, action/karma and God wishes all of us to enhance upon our amassed karmas. The stars at the time of our beginning lay our future path; the place and when we will meet our sorrows, challenges, joys and happiness is all written and will become our destiny. Each soul attains a sure stage thru its karmas over many lives. The selection to willingly take sannyas/renunciation is additionally a soul’s choice. The intention of a sannyasi is "atmano mokshartham" - which ability one who strives for the mastery over one's smaller self for moksha. It is now not an effortless venture to be a sannyasi for one has to commit full time effort to the direct journey of the easiest religious realization.

Much of what a man or woman goes via in the existing beginning is a direct end result of what used to be accomplished, or left undone, in his previous life. Rebirth offers a risk to entire unfinished business. Everyone the self is concerned with, be it siblings, parents, pals and fanatics are section of karma. All karmic training have to be completed; conditions and humans whom we share future with will proceed to be introduced with the equal lesson time and again, till it is entirely accomplished. Yes, it is feasible that prior to delivery we may also have written in our future sure instructions that we intend completing.

The kind of hand ought to be the first consideration in palmistry. How exceptional is the hand of a bodily laborer and religious laborer? I have constantly questioned about this. The hand suggests the personality and persona features of a person. The putting of the fingers and manner of opening of the palm have to subsequent be noted. Each finger exhibits a unique attitude. The pointers of the fingers comprise the nerve endings on the body.

One of the primary facets of a sannyasi’s hand is that they are lengthy and have fingers with knotty joints. Generally, the first phalange containing nail, is longer than the different two phalanges of the finger. These knots may also point out collected wisdom. Such a hand is probable the most stunning in appearance. It has been viewed that these who have breadth of imaginative and prescient and lack sensible worldly wisdom, are materially no longer very successful. Those, who possess such lovely palms can also have lovely souls however may also have very difficult life. They are without difficulty deceived in life. Such are the fingers of seers, rishis and ascetics, who are relatively devotional and religious. They experience and say matters thru their soul and do now not agree with in superficiality of life. Sannyas and extreme bhakti illuminates thinking to convey recollections of karmas of our previous lives. A sannyasi via his extreme bhakti takes duty for his or her past-life karma in this lifetime. The internal intuition or instinct is nothing but our enlightened thought guiding us and as we do bhakti and prayers, our instincts come to be strong.

The thumb and the markings on thumb are in reality very important. The thumb in palmistry is regarded as the core of the will-power and logical questioning in a person. Long and well-shaped thumb suggests talent and refinement of personality. Palmistry is now not basically predictions however is soul-centered. It helps us apprehend life’s specific phases and offers us probability for psychological and non secular growth. Only God has the electricity to trade our destiny. Probably, deciding on the course of faith or a existence of a sannyasi is type of karmic undoing. Rebirth affords us a risk to entire unfinished business.

All the fingers of hand are typically pointed, particularly the first finger, the finger of Jupiter, with its first phalanges longer than the different two. It is an historic trust that the mild pressure of God enters human being thru the first finger of the hand. It is a frequent meditation mudra to be part of first finger (the divine light) with the thumb (ego). Light pressure of God merges with our soul like a catalytic spark, a variety of divine alchemy. The beads of prayers are now not in our hand by means of chance, it is destiny. Spiritual enlightenment and want to wash away the ego associated with self or ‘I’ is the most necessary karmic lesson. But do we have to take sannyas that is go away metropolis and daily existence to go to some secluded place, like the Himalayas, to achieve liberation, the everlasting peace?

Now, no count number how non secular a man or woman may additionally be, in some way when you are residing in a fabric world amidst plenty, the temptation may additionally creep in. After all, the soul is nevertheless like a smooth clay, that has attained sure structure however nevertheless no longer solid. For instance, suppose of a man or a sadhu making an attempt to stay in Las Vegas or Macau his total existence surrounded with the aid of gamblers, female etc. It will now not be handy for him. Right surroundings and surroundings is vital for soul’s growth. Regardless of all the right intentions the chance of being drawn into fabric world is strong.

After seeing the structure of hand, the thumb and the fingers, let us see for different symptoms on hand:-
Tree- This is an high-quality signal at any place located on hand. In Hindu palmistry this signal is known as Kalpa Vriksha, the Sacred Tree. This signal on the mount of Jupiter is observed on the fingers of saints and religious leaders.
V Mark or angle: V Mark is additionally a Hindu non secular image and is related with the Hindu deity—Lord Vishnu, the creator. When this signal is determined on coronary heart or head line, the fundamental goal of such a soul is now not simply to accumulate wealth or construct homes however it is for a soul to spiritually evolve in his trip on earth.
When there is a large island, like a barley sign, with a dot in the center of the thumb, like an eye, the character possesses the sixth sense. This signal is discovered on the thumbs of tremendous seers and saints.
A triangle between the Mount of Saturn and the Mount of Sun suggests a yogi who helps many in this experience of life. Swami Vivekananda had this sign.
The signal of Temple is a most revered and a very uncommon signal in hand and leads a man or woman closer to the route of liberation. Temple is a signal of sanctity.
The signal of Shesh Naga is named after a Hindu deity Nagadeva and is regarded as the signal of Divine concept, additionally known as Deva Maanya Rekha. This too is a very uncommon signal and if linked with the line of Sun beneath the 1/3 or ring finger of the hand embodies the thought of Lord Vishnu. Swami Vivekananda had this sign. The presence of this signal on his coronary heart line indicates the presence of splendid Lord Vishnu (shesha naga is symbolic) in Swami’s heart/soul. It used to be his future to comply with the direction of spirituality. Temple signal on solar line indicates this disciple of Lord Vishnu will be remembered for his teachings in a long time and years to come.

Illustration 1: Swami Vivekananda hand; uncommon signs and symptoms 4, 5, and 6 as listed above

A trident on the mount of Jupiter, under the first finger of the hand with the Ring of Solomon, the semi-circle round the Mount of Jupiter, offers religious powers to the possessor. A horizontal line on the base of the first finger is known as Diksha Rekha (line of renunciation). It indicates the man or woman may additionally resign the world later in life.
A coronary heart line ending beneath the mount of Saturn with outstanding Saturn finger, the 2nd finger, shows that the individual is of a saintly nature; detached to the world.
Who seeks sannyas? (Destiny, yes, however what divine push, via activities or circumstances, accomplishes it) I listing three essential motives for a soul to are seeking for the divine course of renunciation.

Who are going via terrible instances and prefer to alleviate bodily and intellectual difficulties, this is when above noted symptoms (from 1-8) are determined on the mount of Saturn
Who choose to achieve fabric positive factors like wealth, profession success, electricity etc, (yes, it may additionally sound abnormal to wish sannyas for cloth success), this is when signs and symptoms are discovered on fourth or the little finger of the hand and
Who prefer expertise for their personal private growth; it is to quench the thirst of their internal voice of atma. Such souls have already long past via a positive stage of elevation in previous lives however nonetheless have now not attained the favored level. This is when the above noted symptoms are determined on the mount of Jupiter.
Whatever may additionally be the motivational purpose for taking sannyas, it is proper to recognize the mind, the supply of our karma. At a deep stage inner us, our wishes and our ideas encourage and create our karma. What karma we do in our existence has deep seated motives in the back of it. Mind has three levels- conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious (Sigmund Freud’s theory). To be aware of our idea is to heal each bodily and mentally. Mind is so effective that it can make us sense sick, scent and visualize what we desire. Emotions deep-rooted in our thinking can push us to wreck legal guidelines of the society or purpose disease. To manipulate our karma it is very vital to apprehend our mind. In order to get rid of poor bodily reactions one has to enter the unconscious section of the mind. We are naturally programmed by means of our bhagya, the future plan, in unconscious thought that conjures up lifestyles events. Otherwise how do you provide an explanation for human beings falling in love with any person or experience an enchantment to anybody in whom we see a lot of apparent persona flaws. No good judgment or reasoning works here.

The favored reason of sannyas is to channel our mindful thought into a extra tremendous course by means of completely reworking our country of mind. To meditate is to flip inwards. When we be successful in turning into so absorbed in some thing that thinking turns into definitely one with it, it is a country of samadhi. The mindful thought drops lower back into that unconscious oblivion. It is a country of the deep absorption in the object of meditation, whereby solely the essence of that object, place, or factor shines forth in the mind, as if the thought had been devoid even of its personal form. This is the stage of absolute and everlasting freedom past all time and place. As described in our holy books, a direction to moksha, a country when soul does no longer return to bondage of sorrows and happiness’!!!