Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology

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Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology

        Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology

Rohini Nakshatra: Range 10 ° 00 Taurus - 23 ° 20 Taurus.
Ruling Planet: Moon
Deity: Lord Brahma, Prajapati.
Symbol: chariot, temple, banyan tree.
Gana (nature): manusya (human).
Animal symbol: Male snake.
Sounds: Oh, wa, way, tone.
Primary motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation).

The Rohini nakshatra falls in the region of the planet Venus (Taurus) and is ruled by the Moon. Rohini is the fourth lunar mansion. Rohini Nakshatra is the favorite constellation of Moon. Prajapati, the God of Rohini, Swami Brahma, is the creator of the universe, who can provide everything so we must be careful what we wish for. The meaning of Rohini is "Red One" or "Red Cow" or "Growing One". It is located near the yellow rose star of Aldebaran. It contains five stars in the form of a bull in the head of Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the Earth related to energy where we experience the beauty and joy of life and we can be calm and calm and calm. The Rohini Nakshatra allows for development and creation at all levels, which promotes great creativity. Moon is in Rohini, about contentment, peace and happy living.

The shadow side of Rohini is the person who is connected to the loved ones, and to the dear things and to the enjoyment and materiality of life. This is the nature of Taurus, it can bring attachment, and greed, too much comfort and love and it can be problematic. The original may be stubborn, petty, critical, and may have problems with jealousy.

Rohini is the moon's favorite constellation. People born in this nakshatra have big, clear and clear eyes, feminine features, thick lower lips and smiling face. They are beautiful, sensual, attractive, beautiful and rich.

Rohini Page 1: Comes to Navasa ruled by Mars. It is related to the emotional and sensual nature. Meditation on the enjoyment and dissipation side of the constellation.

Rohini Paad 2: Taurus ruled by Venus comes in Navamsa. It is related to abundance and resourcefulness and there is too much indulgence in the fulfillment of desire and materialism of life.

Rohini Paad 3: Gemini ruled by Mercury comes in Navamsa. It deals with arts, science and business, and is the most flexible and jovial side of the constellation

Rohini Page 4: Cancer ruled by the Moon falls in Nawansh. It deals with the focus on home and material security, and the highly sensitive and narrow minded of the constellation.

Ascending in Rohini: Charming, magnetic eyes, charismatic, wealthy, popular romantic, artistic, sex symbol, erotic nature, indulgence, and sexual addiction.

Sun in rohini

Beautiful, seductive, sensual, artistic nature, poignant, musical gift, strong nature, is liked by many.
Moon in rohini
Wealthy, lovely looking, balanced mind, good in singing and drama, famous and well built physique.
Mars in Rohini
Passion, pleasure, sex and desire for comfort in love and relationships. They are active in their social circle and are liked by most people.
Mercury in Rohini
Very creative minded, emotional, intelligent and expressive through art, beauty, and fashion, interested in acting, designing, interior decoration and music.
Jupiter in Rohini
There is a great love for creative arts, culture, history. It shows the expansion of love, food enjoyment and beauty on a higher and more spiritual level.
Venus in Rohini
Loving, sensual, calm, contented and joyful nature. Good physique and beautiful in appearance.
Saturn in Rohini
Having a materialistic stability of a solid, realistic and grounded future. Saturn opposes the change of wealth in the health of Rohini people.
Rahu in Rohini
Too much of the nature of materialistic desires, the pursuit of material comfort and enjoyment. Rahu in Rohini can become a tireless quest to experience love in many directions. They seek a partner, through whom they can find the ultimate answers to the true love and happiness that their soul desires.
Ketu in Rohini
Ketu is uneasy about Rohini's passionate nature. They are both intended for salvation, but the expression is different. Ketu would feel debilitated in Rohini, indicating past lives of luxury and bliss that the soul was never at rest.