Planets Transit/Shift in 2014 Forecast Vedic Astrology

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Planets Transit/Shift in 2014 Forecast Vedic Astrology

       Planets Transit/Shift in 2014                     Forecast Vedic Astrology

Most people are wondering what 2014 will be like and what the planetary changes in the sky can be that affect their lives. Although the planets move all the time, but there are three main planets which persist for a long time in one sign and they are Jupiter which spends its time one year in one sign, Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) almost another. They spend half a year in a sign and Saturn spends two and a half years in a sign. Now this time Mars will also spend more time in a sign because it is going to be retrograde. So check these four planets in 2014.

Right now Jupiter is in Gemini and it will transit / shift in Cancer in the middle of June 2014, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) axis will move in Virgo and Pisces in July 2014, then Mars between July 2014 I will go in Libra. After being retrograde in November 2013. Then Saturn, which has been in Libra since late 2011, will go to Scorpio in early November.

Jupiter is in Gemini since June of 2013. Gemini is a sign of communication and intellectual and Jupiter is the planet of expansion, development, teaching, inspiration, children, and belief system, Jupiter in Gemini is expanding our understanding of our teachings. Beliefs, an attempt is being made to understand them more intellectually as Jupiter has passed through Gemini. This is a good time to study and explore what you believe intellectually.

Around sometime in the middle of June, Jupiter shifts / enters Gemini from Gemini. Cancer is an emotional sign. The Moon is ruled by the mind, selfless love and deep intuition power for the children, so Jupiter is exaggerated in Cancer as the Moon (mother) is the cradle of children and children hope to live in our lives. And represent inspiration. If it does not have deep meaning in our life or in our heart, then we are living to fulfill our desires. In Cancer, Jupiter spreads through the heart. Jupiter meaning, hope and purpose is about things that are larger than this world, things that are higher and more meaningful than the ups and downs of our lives. In mid-June 2014, Jupiter is entering the Cancer sign. People can feel immense strength, inner meaning, purpose and peace in their heart.

People who have Jupiter in their zodiac sign will benefit from it and get many opportunities to rise in the field of life where Jupiter rules in their birth chart. This year will be the most beneficial year to connect higher knowledge and inspiration to the heart.

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are currently in Libra and are located in the axis. They will shift their axis in mid-July 2014. Because Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) are retrograde, Rahu (north node) enters Virgo Ketu (south node) and enters Pisces.

The Pisces zodiac sign has Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) sign, in which these nodes perform axes. Which means Rahu (north node) in Mercury signs and Ketu (south node) in Jupiter ruled signs are beneficial as Mercury is very helpful for Rahu (north node) and Jupiter is helpful for Ketu (south node). Rahu (North Node) is a curious and intelligent planet like Mercury and is about knowing things or understanding things. Hence Rahu (north node) is active in Virgo. Ketu (South Node) is well in Pisces as they both represent similar things, such as going to things, spirituality and etc. When Ketu (South Node) in Pisces, it is Ketu (South Node) Enhances the quality of. It is actually connected to an energy beyond this world. This is a major axis for the next few years. Rahu (north node) and Virgo are going to gather information and conduct it, and Ketu (south node) in Pisces is spiritual. If we can overcome our criticism habits then a large amount of spiritual growth can be seen on a personal and global level.

Mars enters Libra in mid-July 2014. Mars is in Virgo from the end of November 2013, a long time, given that Mars is generally a sign for just over 2 months. The transit of Mars in Virgo is difficult, which can give some health problems to everyone in that area of ​​life in general, where the sign of Mars falls in their birth chart. Physical health care requires additional precautions.
Mars enters Libra in mid-July 2014
This can be a time of some relationship disturbances and difficulty because the Libra zodiac is of diplomacy and peace where Mars is the individualistic planet which causes problems in the relationship. Mars leaves Virgo, he joined Saturn in Libra in mid-July. This can be a time where relationships are challenged.

In early November 2014, Saturn enters / shifts into Scorpio. Since the end of 2011, Saturn is in Libra and it was removed from there. Saturn in Libra focuses on relationships and how we relate to others. But Saturn in Scorpio loses its structure because Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio which deepens psychological and emotional stress