Personality Astrology

            Personality Astrology

When you ask about your personality, most of the astrologer describes your ascendant. But this is half of of the story about your personality. To have the full photograph of your character we want to appear at the ruler of 1st residence as well. This is regarded as ruling planet of the chart. This very necessary planet due to the fact we incarnate in this world with the identification of that planet. The ruling planet of your chart is decided by means of the planet that guidelines the signal on the cusp of your first residence (your rising sign/ascendant), and the place is the first residence lord (ruling planet) positioned will indicates the place you are most involved in our lifestyles or you destined to do these things. However, if you have a planet that is conjunct to your ascendant or ruling planet, that planet would possibly be have large have an effect on on your character and if any planet located in 1st residence or different planets factors to your ascendant will additionally have have an effect on on your personality.

Ascendant or rising signal is our herbal expression in the world. The way you existing your self to the world and the way others see you.  The ascendant ruler is vital to appreciation due to the fact perception of your ascendant ruler offers you extra element about how you have interaction and strategy the world. The ascendant ruler’s residence and signal can inform you a lot about the place you are probable to locate a lot of sizeable endeavor in your life. That planet may want to be stated to described you, your outlook and how you show up to others. e.g. Someone with Sagittarius rising would possibly be characterised as a Jupiterian type of person, hopeful, optimistic, involved with reaching imaginative and prescient and greater wisdom. Someone with Aries rising would possibly be viewed a Martian variety of person, impulsive and go getter. But this is no longer whole persona of you. For the whole facts of your character you want to test the place is your ascendant lord placed, in which residence and which sign, if this conjunct with different planets or thing through different planets.

So if the Aries ascendant folks Mars is positioned in twelfth residence in the signal of Pisces What does it mean? This get’s difficult as a Aries ascendant humans you may additionally suppose that you May be impulsive and aggressive, however that is now not the case. Now your character mixes Aries and Pisces signal due to the fact Mars is in Pisces sign. So you can be shy, now not very lively or passive active, and what you like most in your life? You like most of the twelfth residence matters in your life. You like meditation, spirituality, isolation you May be a hidden personality, who don’t like to have interaction with humans and don’t like to be a public figure.

Or if you have Mars in eighth residence then Mars will be in Scorpio signal then you May be aggressive or impulsive however at the time you are very secretive in nature, you are very inclined emotionally and investigative. Now due to the fact this is positioned in eighth residence you like to discover eighth residence stuff like, metaphysical studies, deep hidden mysterious of life, or you May be involved in some secretive activity.

Or if Mars is in sixth house, then what will be your persona ? Now Mars is in Virgo signal in sixth house. sixth residence is the most tough residence in astrology and your ascendant lord in sixth residence what does it suggest ? It potential you are dealing with most of the hard component in your life. And you sense dealing with human beings is simply like a work. You are doing hardest work to reap something. You spend a lot of electricity in the duties of every day living. There is additionally a commonplace wish to enhance themselves ( the sixth residence corresponds with the mindset of provider as properly as self-improvement for the sake of that performing that service). This is a complicated component with a distinctive possibilities. When inspecting the persona of a person, center of attention on the rising sign, and then discover the residence and sign of the planet in the delivery chart.

In the instances of the ascendant lord or chart ruler being conjunct or aspected by means of the planet, then it will become a little greater necessary to reflect onconsideration on the have an impact on of the planet that conjunct or aspect. . If any person is Aries rising with Saturn on the ascendant, the man or woman will appear a good deal extra Saturnian than a everyday Aries rising man or woman may appear. You can be extra serious and now not so energetic in existence as Aries ascendant human beings are used to.

This is the motive that, two human beings having identical ascendant will now not have identical nature. It modified in accordance to placement of ascendant ruler, in which sign, house, elements and conjunction with any different planets.