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MOUNT VENUS : In the base of the thumb contrary to the Moon Mount lies a spot surrounded by way of the existence line, that is to say (in different words) the region between the Manibandh and Dwitiya or Second (debilitate) Mars is recognized as (called) Mount Venus. This is the 0.33 joint of the thumb which has one after the other been given the title of Mount Venus. Those human beings in whose arms Mount Venus has a greater elevation as in contrast to the different mounts are referred to as Venus dominated humans in the language of Palimsitry.

Specialties of Persons Having a raised mount Venus :

Physical Features (Symptoms) : Most of the elements (qualities) in Venus dominated human beings are comparable to these located in Jupiter Centric humans however Venus Centric human beings are extra bendy in nature as in contrast to their Jupiter centric counterparts a Venus centric character is instilled with a splendid softness in nature and is blessed (endowed) with a larger (much greater) feel of selfless service. (The manner in which) simply as the color white having a Pinkish hue is (seen) seen from (to) the bare eye a Venus centric character additionally has the equal kind of complexion however is refined and soft. Height is above regular and the face spherical on which the contours of the bones are no longer visible. His cheeks are oily. The hair are black, curly and dense (heavy) and at instances are curled backwards (towards the returned side). Eyes are large which show up (look) (very) attractive. The palms of Venus centric (dominated) human beings are spherical and the shoulders (are) narrow.

Merits & Demerits (Advantages & Disadvantages) of Mount Venus : If the Mount Venus in the palm is raised (elevated), muscular, healthful and has redness then it is regarded as developed which imbibes all its characteristics in a person. On the contrary, an undeveloped mount is no longer seen in the hand and deprives one of all its associated features and in the case of an broadly speaking developed mount the state of affairs hovering between the entire and the incomplete exists in its qualities, in different phrases the time period in most cases developed refers to regular qualities.

1. Those human beings in whose arms Mount Venus is substantially (extraordinarily) developed, such humans are sexcrazy and are usually craving for the opposites intercourse and emotions of lust and ardour are always blanketed in the love relations.

2. If the mount Venus is mostly raised (elevated) then that man or woman has a exceptional hobby in track and alongwith the inventive tendency are fond of top food. It is their all out undertaking to make sure that no damage is induced to all people due to the fact of their actions.

3. If the Mount Venus has a sizable elevation and Mount Jupiter is additionally equally correct then that individual in no way modifications his choice and continually sticks to it accordingly, each time such a character varieties a relation with any one then he tries to preserve it at some point of his complete life. Such a individual is self respecting, having a excellent (moral) persona and is intelligent.

4. If the Mount Venus has a lesser elevation then such a individual is continually misplaced in ideas arousing sexual urges and wastes his time in constructing (imaginary) castles in the air.

5. If there is a void in the elevation of Mount Venus then infertility can be located in the man or woman and that character is additionally harsh (strict) in his behavior. Sentiments have no impact on the person.

I consequences : If the role of Mount Venus is now not beneficial then the individual catches dependancy to capsules immediately. There can be a number of illnesses of (in) reproductive organs and the girl has troubles in going delivery to a infant (delivering a child) a character himself creates illnesses due to his personal excesses illnesses particularly of the throat occur.

Various Signs on Mount Venus and Their Effects :

Cross : The presence of a move on Mount Venus is an indicator of top notch love. Such a character is an idealist and is the one who will pay extra interest toward sex. This is additionally an indicator of failure in marriage and marital (married) life.

Bindu : Bindu is additionally referred to as a mole. If the black spot / mole / spot is positioned on Mount Venus then one get (receives) disrepute (infamy) and is an indicator of difficulty in love (sex) relations. It is additionally induced illnesses (diseases) of reproductive organs.

Circle : If there is a circle on the region (portion) of Mount Venus then one receives co-operation in the subject of artwork and achieves success in love relations, however if different elements on the palm are no longer conducive (favourable) then it reasons illnesses of a lengthy duration.

Island : If there is a signal of the island on the Mount (of) Venus then the (symbol) feeling of allurement (temptation) settles down in a character and voices of dissent additionally occur in love relationships.

Square : If the signal of a rectangular exists on Mount Venus then it prevents (saves) a individual from the unwell consequences (caused due to lust and passion) of lust and passion. If this rectangular shifts toward the Manibandh from (the) Mount Venus then the individual additionally has to spend his lifestyles in solitude.

Angle : If this image is current on Mount Venus then the character spends luxuriously on merriment (enjoyment).

Mesh (Net) : If there is a mesh kind (net type) of image on Mount Venus then there is a deficiency of attribute characteristics (qualities). Feelings of lust and ardour cement their area (settle down) in that person. If different factors in the palm are now not beneficial then a man or woman yearns for the pleasure of his sexual urges barring caring for what is proper or what is incorrect and throwing all social values to the winds.

Triangle : If the image of a triangle is seen on Mount Venus then that character is (a mathematician) regarded calculative which compels a man or woman to take selections in love things on the groundwork of its deserves and demerits. In different words, right here the triangle does the work of nailing down the thinking and the character aside from having a manage from getting astrayed, takes choices after giving them a applicable thought.

Trident: If there is a image of the trishul on the place round Mount Venus then there is an amplify in emotions of love, piety and splendor in the person.

Star : If a megastar is existing on Mount Venus then it does now not permit a character to be triumphant in (matters pertaining to love relationships) sexual matters. Wastage solely of time and cash comes his way.

Inclination (Slope) of Mount Venus : If the slant (of Mount Venus) is in the direction of the thumb then a people needs stay in the ambit of emotions. If the mount Venus is tilted toward Mars then there is no pleasantness (cordiality) in love relations. If the tilt is closer to Manibandh then needs rule the thought and if it is toward the Moon Mount, then the hobby (inclination) is closer to the best arts i.e. dance, song etc.