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The youth strains are the upright strains under the base of little finger and above the marriage line. In Chinese palmistry reading, they point out the range of teens a character might also have and the existence popularity of the children. The kids strains shall be interpreted from the backside to up and the range of strains suggests the variety of kids a character is in all likelihood to have. The deeply marked traces point out the beginning of male adolescents whilst the short, slender and shallow strains advocate the beginning of lady children. If the traces are extraordinarily short, shallow and interrupted, they point out the abortion or the loss of young people out of different reasons.

If a man has adolescents traces in his palm, it is an indication that his adolescents will be healthy; if the traces are doubtful or combined with different lines, it is an indication that his teenagers will be feeble and sick.
If a female has youth strains in her palm, it normally shows the quantity and look of the children.

● If the line of kids is forked at the end, it is an indication of twins. There will be excessive possibilities of getting twin babies. (Fig 1)

● The deep and vast youth strains point out boys. (Fig 2)

● The slim and shallow youth strains are signs and symptoms of getting infant girls. (Fig 3)

● The islands at the establishing of youngsters line suggests the youth are commonly susceptible and regularly get in poor health all through the early ages. (Fig 4)

●The islands at the quit of teenagers line suggests the teens are difficult to raise. (Fig 5)

●The curved or crooked youngsters strains are an indication of the terrible physiques of the youngsters who are regularly ill. (Fig 6)

Combining with the following palmistry knowledge, the range of teenagers a man or woman will have in her lifestyles will be greater accurate:

1. If the Mount of Venus (located at the base of the thumb) is nicely developed and very thick, it is an indication that the man or girl has an amazing sexual function, therefore he or she is probable to have many children. On the contrary, if the location is flat or low, it is an indication of fewer children.
2. If the little finger is very quick due to its low base, it is an indication of fewer young people and this is specially proper if in addition, the quit of the knowledge line appears like a fork.
3. If each aspects of the marriage line have many excellent strains or the Mercury place (below the little finger base) is chain-shaped, it is an indication that a character is not likely to have children.
4. If there is a romance superstar at the intersection of knowledge line and fitness line or the middle of the wrist line is curved like a bow, it is an indication that a lady is not likely to conceive or have children.