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Ketu Mount (The Mount of Dragon's Tail)
The region of this Mount is a little above the bracelets, dividing the Mounts of Venus and Moon and is close to the beginning factor of the destiny line. This planet indicates its have an effect on from the fifth 12 months to the twentieth yr of age. If the Mount is broadly speaking outstanding and protruded and the destiny line is deep and clear, the man or woman would be lucky and shall revel in all pleasures in his lifetime. If the Mount is surprisingly protruded and the destiny line is susceptible then he has to ride hardships in his younger age. The economic role of his household additionally receives worse day by using day.

The Mount of Neptune
The location of this planet on the palm is beneath the head line and above the Mount of Moon. A man will become an eminent Musician, Poet or Writer if this Mount is very prominent. If a line is considered on this Mount and this line meets the destiny line a little ahead, the character receives some put up of gorgeous importance.

If this Mount is developed greater than adequate then such a person's lifestyles would be full of grief and his household existence would be spoilt. They are maniacs, suspicious and cruel

The Mount of Pluto
Its location on the palm is beneath the coronary heart line and above then head line and is located between the Mounts of Harshal and Jupiter. This Mount can be honestly viewed on the hand of each and every person.

Its have an effect on can be viewed solely in the ancient age. If this Mount is very prominent, then the character passes his historic age happily. If a go signal is located on this Mount, the individual will die earlier than the age of forty five in an accident.

If the Mount is too outstanding then the character would be rude, illiterate and prodigal and has to face many difficulties in life. He would now not get any co-operation from his household and friends.

If the Mount is now not distinguished then the individual would be unlucky. His nature turns irritable and troublesome.