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Health, Chakra and planets

         Health, Chakra and planets

Health is nature's most treasured gift. A healthful physique and thought allows us to experience the a variety of issue of life. We now not solely choose to stay a lengthy life, we prefer to stay a healthful one. Our bodily physique is related with our thought and soul. When we assume in proper way our thought we have a more healthy body. When our thought is peaceable then our soul is at peace and we are contented inside. It helps us in making proper selection of life. A wholesome physique and idea and can be performed with the aid of ingesting right type of ingredients and now not indulge in the useless cravings and addictions. Mind ought to be clear from poor thoughts.

There are many ailment that medical doctor are now not in a position to locate the purpose for and purpose of it.  When this happens, in astrology we relate with the previous horrific karma of a person. But the query is can we repair that and the reply is YES. The humans who strategy lifestyles in bad way and terrible mindset in the direction of existence can have deep rooted fitness hassle in their mind. For any disorder to manifest it first comes in the thought then in the body. Anyone who suffers from a continual sickness has a deep emotional problem. Unless you tackle that emotional problem, you will no longer locate a everlasting solution, no count number what medicinal drug you take. It is necessary that you delve deep into your very own awareness and locate the answer.

Most human beings suppose that astrology has no relationship to their health. But our physique is without delay associated with the cosmos and the planet.  Astrology can be a useful in searching at quite a number sphere of lifestyles associated with health.

How Do Chakras Relate to the Energies of cosmos?
What is backyard that is internal .we all have the power which exist outside, the planet the energies which see revolving backyard they additionally exist inside us in the structure of chakra. Chakras are our internal planetary photo voltaic system, and these chakras are associated with every planet. When chakra or planetary energies float is no longer smooth. Just like a dam blockading a rivers flow, our internal energies can end up blocked, our physique now not in a position to characteristic correct when energies channel is  is block we may additionally have ailment associated with that chakra. in astrology we can take a look at which is planet is vulnerable with the assist of this we can locate which chakra is weak, and we in a position to discover what type of sickness the character have and step he can take to enhance his health. Once we do that, no longer solely will we remedy our very own problems, however additionally the troubles of the planet.

The Seven Chakras of the Body are dominated via planets

1. THE FIRST CHAKRA: Mooladhara or root chakra is dominated by means of planet Saturn.
2. THE SECOND CHAKRA: Svadhishthana or intercourse chakra dominated through planet Jupiter

3. THE THIRD CHAKRA: Solar Plexus or manipura chakra of braveness and is dominated via Mars
4. THE FOURTH CHAKRA: Heart or anahata chakra of feelings and love is dominated with the aid of Venus
5. THE FIFTH CHAKRA: Vishuddhi chakra or throat chakra of speech this is dominated by means of Mercury
6. THE SIXTH CHAKRA: Third eye or ajna chakra is dominated via Sun and Moon
7. THE SEVENTH CHAKRA: Sahasrara or crown chakra


THE FIRST CHAKRA: The mooladhara chakra or root chakra is ruled through the planet saturn.

This vicinity is our stability factor - in different phrases our fundamental foundations or roots and how we examine and take accountability for our actions.Saturn represents "structures". skeleton is a shape that holds  physique in place; it supply the feel of  protection  It represents the buildings that you deal with in lifestyles in order to continue to exist physically.. it controls the whole worried system.

People who are "down to earth" have a sturdy feel of who they are. They understand how to accumulate what they want in order to  survive.

when this chakra is now not working proper we can also sense Nervousness and anxiety.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN 1ST CHAKRA: Take a deep breath, relax, and seem to be round you.   Establish wholesome routines. Drink a lot of "FRESH" water, consume wholesome meals that are as herbal as possible; eat, sleep, exercise, and work at everyday times. For example, consuming late at night time and consuming alcohol or doing tablets disrupts your sleep patterns, which in turn disrupt your hormones, which intervene with your each day activities. Allow your self to trip being in nature: go to a park and stroll barefoot thru the grass.

THE SECOND CHAKRA: Svadhishthana chakra  or intercourse chakra dominated by way of jupiter
It controls the policies the reproductive device and innovative phase of existence .jupiter is the planet of knowledge ,optimism ,finance,  expansion, youngsters and spirituality .sexual centre the place boom and improvement is promoted via relationship troubles with ourselves and others, and it comes from knowledge of relationship.

When power is now not flowing freely from this chakra you are missing in creativity  ,financial ,obesity, edema and trouble with the reproductive organ.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 2nd CHAKRA: Feeding your innovative aspect and taking care of your body. Honour your self by using discovering a interest or endeavor that affords you with pleasure. Paint, draw, sing, act, dance, exercising your body, gardening and  some thing that expresses the creativity. If you are no longer positive what you desire to do, then assume that would make you pleased and fulfilled.

THE THIRD CHAKRA: Solar plexus chakra or manipura chakra and is dominated via Mars
The  Mars is rulers of this chakra; and very appropriately, it corresponds to the "solar" plexus. This is a chakra of private "power" . when this chakra is blocked Mars electricity is terrible inside us we strive to dominate others, and lack of braveness to battle with troubles of the lifestyles . they are afraid to categorical themselves due to the fact they have now not realized how to set limits. "This is who I am - and you can take it or go away it"! How many of us have the braveness to let others understand the place we stand, mainly when dealing with our families.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE third CHAKRA: Practice acts of private courage. Do what makes you happy, now not what makes every person else happy. When we fail to do so, we waste too a lot non-public power blaming others for no longer being in a position to do what we would as a substitute be doing. Do it, be yourself! When you do so, others will apprehend your individuality, and they will understand what your limits are. They will admire you greater due to the fact they will comprehend what to count on of you. As lengthy as you are permitting others to additionally be themselves, do now not enable your self to be swayed via accusation of "selfishness".

THE FOURTH CHAKRA: coronary heart chakra or anahata chakra This chakra is dominated by means of Venus;

This chakra is dominated by using Venus; it corresponds to the "heart". Your capability to love both loving to others, and being capable to get hold of love from others. This chakra of "balance" is the first location the place we are in a position to understand that there is greater about to life. and we are in a position to pick out higher, religious realms.

People who have suffered emotional hurts and woundings have a tendency to block their 4th chakras. They are afraid to make themselves "vulnerable". This is a deliberate act of developing an "emotional wall" as a technique of self-protection.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR 4th CHAKRA:  A closed coronary heart chakra is from too a whole lot self-absorption, self-focus, and self-pity. Get past yourself! Get concerned with others. Volunteer at faculties or inside a social organisation that desires help. At this chakra degree you want to come to be conscious of the feeling and  wishes of others. that you experience when you are round others. the soul  will appeal to or direct you to human beings or occasions that are recommended for your evolution as a soul.

THE FIFTH CHAKRA: Vishuddhi chakra or throat chakra this is dominated via Mercury
Mercury is the rulers of this chakra. Mercury is the planet of speech,skill,communication, mental know-how and jovial nature People with this chakra open are very social. they can be terrific orators, teachers, speakers, and writers. When this chakra is now not working smoothly, the man or woman have subject in talking , grasp to others,weak in logical thinking.Vishuddha is regularly related with the thyroid gland in the human endocrine system. This gland is in the neck, and produces hormones vital for boom and maturation

When electricity is no longer flowing freely from this chakra it is tough in speakme .  There can also be lumps or tumors on the vocal chords, troubles swallowing, thyroid disorder and troubles with the jaw and neck. There may additionally be tactless, expression and verbal exchange and discovering a stability between speakme and listening, and  inhibits self expression.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 5th CHAKRA: This chakra is fed by using opening the strains of verbal exchange of your ideas and feelings, talking , releasing previous emotions, no longer experience responsible of whatever ,forgive all people who did awful with you do not preserve any poor emotion of anything. deep respiratory exercises, and all sorts of restoration work.Pay interest to all of the ideas that you don’t express. How frequently do you  Learn that it is OK to talk your mind.  At this chakra you are in a position to communicate phrases that come at once from the coronary heart and Spirit, and most human beings may additionally lack the braveness or conviction to categorical their innermost beliefs.

THE SIXTH CHAKRA: Third eye or ajna chakra is dominated with the aid of solar and moon
Commonly referred to as "The Third Eye", this chakra is dominated through solar and moon it is the seat of mindful or mind.these are two electricity one is  pingala   masculine (sun) is  different is Ida  female (moon).when these two channel balanced by means of prana (oxygen) then activation of Ajna chakra take place.when this occur a character can see previous and future .it to lead to psychic powers (siddhis). these People  are especially imaginative, intuitive  they can be Artists, musicians and inventors .they are very unique in their thoughts.

People with blocked sixth Chakra's lack imagination, creativity . one might also go through from customary nightmares and headaches, terrible eyesight, lack of attention and every so often even migraines. Grief or non-public ache can also be a trouble that is blockading this chakra. Physically it influences the immune system, brain, pituitary gland, the eyes, nose and ears, the fearful system, pineal gland and sinuses. Physical signs and symptoms of an imbalance would be talent tumors or stroke, blindness, deafness, spinal difficulties, seizures, neurological disturbances and gaining knowledge of disorders.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR sixth CHAKRA: In order for this strength to easily characteristic you simply have an focus of your self as a religious being.meditate or pray at ordinary instances of the day, and pay attention to your conscious(inner voice)

THE SEVENTH CHAKRA:sahasrara or crown chakra
The crown chakra which is positioned on the very pinnacle of the head. When the crown chakra is developed or beginning to turn out to be we will locate our genuine connection with the universe and additionally our motive right here on earth. This is the place the greater self is.  Which is additionally known as the soul. when this chakra is blocked one might also can have these trouble if crown chakra is block these are hassle can occur

Feeling aches and pains in the body
Lack of route or questioning your direction and reason - why do I belong here, what am I feel to do here, etc
Overly worn-out and perhaps over consuming (something that is now not regular element for you to do in your life)
Giving up trust in the universe and in Divine.
Not accepting matters or situations.
Giving up hope for the now and future.
Not speaking with divine or greater power.
Any varieties of escapism to now not stay in reality.

Meditation .Also, by using putting your arms on the pinnacle of your head and photo your arms opening a circle to the measurement of a saucer on the pinnacle of the head.
The most vital factor for any restoration to work is letting go, releasing and getting previous - shifting on from what has blocked you.

Following are some method that can assist in cleansing the chakra

Grounding your energies each day.
Putting your one hand to the earth and different toward the sky.
Walking outdoor or interior naked foot and suppose that all the poor and undesirable electricity is leaving to the mom earth.
looking to the mom earth.
Watching toward the sky.
Water is a outstanding cleanser and cleans our chakra. Always take bathtub or at least wash your face and fingers earlier than any meditation.
Diya burning at night is purifying.
Watching your bad Thoughts and right them. e.g. don’t jealous anybody.
These chakra are sign factor of the planets if chakra is smooth we can join with electricity of planet. If the chakra is blocked we have problems associated with chakra so we need to smooth chakra on the day by day groundwork and remain related with the nature.