Disharmony(Problem/Unhappy) in Married Life Astrology

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Disharmony(Problem/Unhappy) in Married Life Astrology

                 Problem/Unhappy                            in Married Life Astrology

We all prefer to married and desire blissful life, however occasionally it does no longer happen. Even for  love marriage after someday they lose activity in every other. What are some astrological motives  human beings have sad married life. Life is an evolutionary process, each person go thru some complication so that they can mature mentally and higher recognize life. We all faces issues due to our weak spot and get into hassle till we overcome the weak point and get mature mentally. Expecting all the happiness is now not feasible as we want to apprehend existence and lifestyles is no longer solely marriage. The human beings who have trouble in married lifestyles have lesson in lifestyles that they want to evolve via that subject in their life. They want to apprehend and seem past what  different issue that makes them happy.

Venus is the planet materialistic world. It is the planet of happiness for each guys and female and spouse in man lifestyles and we all be aware of female is essential issue for happiness in man life. By searching situation of the Venus in the chart we judges about what kind happiness one can get.

There are many astrological combos which indicates issues in married lifestyles whether or not marriage is love or arrange. Venus with Ketu can be a predominant aspect in failure in love. Ketu is the planet of detachment. It is no longer a planet of this world it belong to the different world. Whenever Ketu comes with Venus these have subject in getting materialistic happiness earlier than marriage or after marriage. They get a accomplice who is no longer fascinated in Venus stuff. But it does no longer count they get non secular partner. Ultimately we all have to go past the materialistic world at some factor in existence whether or not in this existence or in different life. So these human beings want to apprehend lifestyles is now not about materialistic world they want to appear past this world so that they can stay glad life. Happiness does no longer simply lies in the married existence it exist in different matters as well.

Venus with Rahu specially in seventh residence makes man or woman overly desirous for a couple of companions which create trouble in married life.

Venus with Saturn in seventh residence makes individual abusive which create hassle in married life. Although Venus and Saturn are buddy however when Saturn take a seat with Venus it frustrate Venus.

Venus with Mars in seventh residence additionally create hassle in married life. It make character argumentative and win argument at any cost, this referred to as manglik dosha in vedic astrology.

Venus sitting with Sun skill it get combust. Sun is supreme light. It exhibit the proper path. We can’t see in the darkish we can solely see in the light. When Venus comes with Sun, it purify the Venus. Because Venus is the planet of materialism, these who have Venus with Sun make human beings selfish, however egocentric can now not get happiness in return. If some one favor love they want to give, Venus love usually supply and take. It is Moon love which is selfless no longer Venus love. So if these have Venus with Sun with want to analyze supply love others so that they get love in return.

Same factor take place with if Venus come with Moon. Moon is thinking . And Venus come with Moon the character thinking stuffed with Venus materialistic stuff and makes them selfish.

If Venus is hemmed between malefic planet like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars makes married existence miserable.

Venus comes in the sixth residence additionally the purpose for disharmony in married life. Sixth residence represents disagreeable matters in life. Those humans who Venus in the sixth residence their married existence get disturbed due to some accomplice disease, conflicting nature, and desire to deal with life. And can be many things.

7th residence lord significator of marriage partner, if seventh residence lord sitting in sixth house, eighth residence and twelfth residence makes married existence unhappy, or if seventh lord sitting with any malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun makes married lifestyles unhappy.

These are everyday motive disappointment or disharmony in married existence earlier than checking kuta device which is matchmaking device in vedic astrology

Happiness is now not about solely bodily love it varies in accordance to Venus signal and residence placement. Definition of love additionally varies, some human beings assume that solely bodily love is solely love however it is now not like that, these humans who are excellent soul or saint they are doing right for the society is the additionally shape of love, they trust in love for all and comfortable for no cause is actual happiness.