Different House Lord in 7th (Seventh) House

          Different House Lord in 7th (Seventh) House

Each house in the horoscope represents a certain area of ​​life. Each house represents a ruling planet. This ruling ship of the planet in the house where they are sitting plays a very important role. The ruler ship of the particular house will take a lot of meaning from the house they rule and the house they are sitting in. The relationship between planets and houses is very important in interpreting the chart.

The seventh house Venus represents the partnership and relationships governed by the beautiful, beautiful, respectable, compromised planet Venus. It is home to partner / spouse and marriage and legal bonds, business relationships, contracts, negotiations and agreements. This house is considered to be a death house or death house as well as 2 houses. 7th house also travel abroad.

Result of different house owners sitting in 7th house

The first lord in the seventh house: The first house represents identity, self and personality. When the first lord sits in the 7th house, the natives are oriented towards partnership. Have skill in making connections with people, have natural ability to make partner happy, seek help of partner, seek help of partner and attractive partner. Strong desire to bond with and partner with a partner and find a healthy partner. If the planet is not in good dignity then they expend a lot of energy to please the partner. Spends his money on a partner, encounters problems while traveling or living out of the country. Drive high sex and have multiple relationships with the opposite sex.

Second house in the seventh house: The second house is a system of money, food and family. When the second lord sits in the 7th house, the natives receive money through a partner. Trade, accumulation of wealth through foreign trade, greater successes when in partnership, and helping others get along financially well. If the planet is not in good dignity, the natives do not have depression, good health, ill or weak companions. Troubled by foreign trade, inclination towards wanting more than many relationships or wives.

Third Lord in seventh house: Third house brother, courage and personal desire. When the third lord sits in the 7th house, native goods will trade with younger siblings, the effort put into partnership brings success, fun and thrill with the partner. Success in business related to sales, marketing, information, skills activities, short trip to business. If the planet is not in good dignity, the natives have trouble with younger siblings in business and marriage related fields. Too much sex, the partner can be exciting but can seek pleasure for oneself.

Fourth Lord in the seventh house: The fourth house is the house, mother, emotions and peace. When the fourth lord sits in the 7th house the natives are emotionally attached to the partner. There is emotional support from the partner and happiness from the partner. Earns through partnership, related real estate, vehicle or business with partner will do this type of business. Spouse's career is strong and close to her mother. If the planet is not in good dignity, the native may have a stepmother, may have emotional troubles in the marriage, the partner may be unable, unbalanced, and not having a good relationship.

Fifth Lord in seventh house: Fifth house is lovers, creativity, education, children and spiritual education. The natives have a love for business and partnership when the fifth lord sits in the 7th house. Love for partner, good marriage, good business agreements and agreements. The business related to betting, gambling, sports, entertainment and companionship is spiritual. If the planet is not in good dignity, the native is sexually active, the partner remains sexually dissatisfied, is not able to trade appropriately, has trouble in foreign trade, children in distant places or Can be born abroad.

Sixth Lord in the seventh house: The sixth house has debt, disease, court, battle, logic and enemies. When the sixth lord sits in the 7th house the native seeks a partner who is dynamic, responsible and full of energy including sexual energy. The partner may be from relatives of the maternal side in the medical field, defense, security, medical, legal, advocate or administrative activities and partnerships. If the planet is not in good dignity, the natives may face separation or divorce, the partner / spouse may become ill and struggle with them. The partner may have a more rational and more emotional nature. The partner may cause legal and debt related complications.

The seventh lord in the seventh house: The seventh house represents partnership and relationships. When the seventh lord sits in the 7th house, the person gets a lot of benefit from marriage and business partnership. The natives are adept at making deals, good at seducing others, looking attractive / beautiful, and finding beautiful / attractive companions. The native wants to get married from a young age and in a relationship from a young age. If the planet is not in good dignity, the natives have too many others, manipulative, h