Coronavirus, India Has Made The Corona Virus Vaccine (COVID-19)

Coronavirus, India Has Made The Corona Virus Vaccine (COVID-19)  

As India had said they will make coronavirus vaccine till 15th august. They just made the vaccine are in trial and soon they are releasing it.

Three coronavirus vaccines are in various stages of testing in India and the government plans to ensure that a vaccine, when approved, reaches every Indian, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today told the nation on the 74th Independence Day While addressing. In the shadow of the battle COVID-19.
PM Modi also announced a National Digital Health Mission to promote the health care system, and said that every citizen would be given a health ID.

"The three vaccines are in various stages of testing. When scientists move forward, we are ready with a production plan. How the vaccine will reach each Indian in the shortest time possible - we have a roadmap ready for that." The Prime Minister said.

India is one of the countries producing vaccines in the country, as the virus infection is increasing across the country. Bharat Biotech International, a non-vaccine manufacturer, received regulatory approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research to initiate human clinical trials. Zydus Cadila and Serum Institute of India are also testing vaccines.

On the National Digital Health Mission, PM Modi said: "Every Indian will get a health ID card. Every time you visit a doctor or pharmacy, at the national level everything is logged in this health card in your profile. Will. The doctor advised the appointment of medication, everything will be available in your health profile. "