Career and wealth

            Career and wealth 

Career and wealth are assessed by following in the horoscope. With this awareness and observation you will be able to guide you through the challenges of your professional life. It can help you in balancing your professional and personal life. Important things to see are as follows.

Aarohi (Lagan): It describes your personality, how you see the world. For example, Leo ascending has their natural properties, similarly every sign has some properties. (Personality kingmaker or king or executioner etc.)

Aarohi Prabhu: The ruler of your ascension describes your style of approaching things in life. Just as the ruler for Aries is Mars. Mars can / can do this, aggressive for what the person wants to achieve. If it is in the 7th house (partnership / business). The person will be aggressive in partnership / business.

Career Status / 10th House:

Sign of career home.
Lord of Career House and his position.
Planet in the career house. (How can the energy be mixed when Venus is present, then the person can be very clever, etc.)
You will get success in career house. (If aspects of Venus can affect beauty in one's career)
The position of the 10th mandal chart or dasamasa chart. Drilling in specific details of career.

Other planets will be examined: In this career analysis, the strengths / weaknesses of other planets will be analyzed which are affecting your career and money.

1. Position of planets associated with major factors like communication (Mercury). Decision (Mercury and Moon) interpersonal relationships (7th house), decision making and general management skills.

2. Position of Sun and Saturn, how committed you are to your profession and success.

3. Strong planets will be analyzed in the birth chart, such as the exalted planets; Natural edge and sometimes luck.

4. Weak planets: will be analyzed in birth chart, e. G. Weak Planet: Where you will need to work hard.

5. Own house and sign planet: will be analyzed in birth chart.

6. Mooltrona Planet: The strength of the birth chart, which gives you a better drive for success.

7. Com-bust planets: some place where you feel burned out. Need to deal with a calm head.

Status of houses related to wealth.
The end result of a successful career / profession is the creation of wealth, social status and job satisfaction. It is judged by the planets and their suzerainty in many houses.
Wealth as the wealth lord is analyzed by combining.
The income signed by the combinations will be analyzed.
Destiny Swami: The analysis indicated by the combinations will be done.
Partnership House and Lord's bet are informed by combinations if you want to do business.

Some specific signs:

1) Dhana Yoga (if present): The location of the lord of the ninth house i. I. Mercury in seventh house has favorable nature from monetary point of view. It also indicates that you can get money from your intelligence through a foreign land / source.

2) Raja Yoga: (If present) The place of the lord of the seventh house i.e. Moon in the fifth house is Raja-yoga in your birth chart and is favorable for peace, prosperity and success in life.

3) Sade Sati / Shani Dhaiya (if present): Currently you are not going through Sati Sati Sati (Saturn's cycle of 7-cycle years).

Transit to condition and career (12 months)
Key Period (present): What time are you running. The birth chart will be analyzed.
Sub period (present): What kind of time you are running. The birth chart will be analyzed.
Transit of current plane ts related to your horoscope which includes Jupiter, Saturn and nodes (Rahu / Ketu)