2nd House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

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2nd House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

            2nd House Lord in               Different Astrology Houses

2nd House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

2nd House Lord in 1st House: if it is positioned in lagna and lagna is sturdy then it offers properly wealth yoga via one’s personal effort and wisdom, it additionally makes the man or woman properly cultured and properly behaved. Person will have properly speakme skills and he may additionally be very vocal at times. Also he may also earn thru his speech. Being a marak house, 2nd lord in ascendant may also provide fitness problems.

Since it is twelfth residence from 2nd, native may additionally stay a ways from domestic for earning. He might also have eyesight problem. If 2nd lord is with ninth lord the man or woman will have parental property. Sometime this placement additionally motives extra than one marriage.

2nd House Lord in 2nd House: it additionally works as first residence lord positioned in first residence it additionally works as this is once more a correct gesture of wealth and richness thru personal efforts, wisdom, speakme power. If planets placement are actual good, man or woman will have vaak siddhi. Person will have appealing personality, accurate face, and charming voice. He will be fascinated in food. He can also have suitable early training and will be properly cultured and behaved.

2nd residence lord in his very own residence reduces the marak impact of the 2nd residence if planets are good. It additionally signifies lengthy life.

2nd House Lord in third House: as per astrological rules, 2nd residence lord in 0.33 is regarded as Bhavat Bhavam and very right for the native if planets are good. It works in the identical way of first residence lord in 2d house. It signifies that man or woman will earn the wealth thru his personal efforts, most possibly with the assist of youthful siblings due to 0.33 house. Speech residence lord is positioned in 0.33 residence verbal exchange house, he will have outstanding conversation skills, and may additionally earn thru the talking abilities. If Venus is additionally supportive then individual can also end up well-known singer.

At the equal time, 0.33 residence is one of the dushsthan (evil house). Markesh lord is positioned in dushsthan, which offers fitness bother or once in a while existence danger relying upon the planets. It additionally makes individual brave and exact earner if any malefic planet is positioned in 1/3 house, 1/3 residence is suitable for malefic planets. This placement additionally offers quick travels.

2nd House Lord in 4th House: this mixture additionally works as first lord in 1/3 house. It might also supply appropriate wealth, lands, vehicles, pleasure, and alleviation if planets are good. Second residence is speech, so it additionally makes character a very correct speaker and thinker. Mr. Narendra Modi has his 2nd lord Jupiter positioned in the fourth house. Fourth is mom house, so native can also get a lot of money/property from mom or mom will be rich. Second residence is marak so it can also additionally create fitness bother for mother.

4th residence relates to wife’s profession, it is feasible that spouse will earn good. Both the homes are schooling residence giving a appropriate schooling or excessive education. If Mars is good, native will earn through actual estate. 4th is household house, and 2nd is wealth house, native may also be born in royal prosperous household amongst all the comforts and will love and continue to be with his family.

2nd House Lord in fifth House: it is additionally like first residence lord in fourth house. This placement indicates that man or woman will earn cash due to his gathered previous properly karmas (deeds). 2nd lord in fifth residence elements eleventh residence of earned wealth and profit, so man or woman will in reality earn appropriate cash if planets are good. It additionally signified that individual can also earn cash thru his teenagers or make a contribution in their incomes efforts. Person will have accurate searching face and a true speech power. He will earn cash via his speech and communication. Since fifth residence additionally belong to hypothesis or unexpected income, individual might also have surprising source of money.

If planets are actual correct then the 2nd lord placement in the fifth residence offers vaak siddhi.

2nd House Lord in sixth House additionally works as first residence lord positioned in fifth residence so it is viable that previous deeds will assist in the incomes potential. However, it is additionally feasible that individual may additionally be incomes thru unlawful or immoral way as sixth residence is dusshsthan. There might also be wealth associated dispute or felony things from others or family. Person’s uncle will be prosperous and native might also revel in his wealth. 2nd is speech residence positioned in sixth house, man or woman can also be professional in contract of troubles thru speech. sixth residence offers enemy; there ought to be enemies to his wealth or himself due to wealth associated matter.

Since wealth lord is positioned in sickness and debt house, it is feasible that person’s wealth is being spent on some ailment or remedy or some sort of hospitalization, he can also additionally have eyes associated issues. Also, he may additionally be indebted or underneath some sort of mortgage to repay to others or he may also be incomes thru loaning. 2nd residence is markesh, and 1st residence lord positioned in fifth residence is no longer true for adolescents from fitness or otherwise.

2nd House Lord in seventh House additionally works as first residence positioned in sixth house. Wealth lord is positioned in the spouse residence skill man or woman will get wealth thru his spouse by way of exclusive mediums. It additionally works as seventh residence as lagna and 2nd residence as eighth residence so it may additionally no longer be properly for the spouse health. seventh residence is intercourse residence so individual may additionally spend his wealth to get sexual pleasure, 2nd residence is sanskar (moral value) residence so character or his spouse might also no longer be sexually ethical and may also have extra than one relationship. Sometimes this placement additionally motives for 2d marriage relying upon some different factors.

7th is overseas house, character may additionally go to or settle in overseas usa to earn money; he may additionally additionally marry a overseas woman. 2nd is household residence which lord is positioned in seventh shows man or woman will marry inside household or have relationship with any household member. seventh is tour house, man or woman can also contain in visiting to make money. 2nd is social status, individual might also be socially well-known and respected.

2nd House Lord in eighth House additionally works as first residence positioned in seventh house. Eight residence is one of the dushsthans. It belongs to convenient positive factors and inheritance, wealth lord positioned right here can supply some surprising profits or wealth from inheritance, speculation, lottery etc. It is additionally accident and sturdiness house, capability there may additionally be unexpected charges on existence or fitness associated issues. Second residence is continuance of marriage, and it is additionally seventh residence (spouse) from eighth house, and eight residence is about marital tie and so there may additionally be hassle or damage up in the marriage life.

Eight residence additionally relates to obstacles, disgrace, disappointments etc. There may want to be misunderstanding amongst the household participants and lack of home happiness. Person may additionally have to face barriers or disappointments in the wealth associated issues. 2nd residence is family, so there should be problems in the family. Person may additionally have meals associated problems such as ingesting problems. 2nd residence is speech so there should be speech associated troubles or eye/vision associated problem.

2nd House Lord in ninth House: it can additionally be examine as first residence lord in eight house. Wealth residence lord in the trine residence is regarded auspicious. Ninth residence is father’s house. Native’s father will be rich or help the native to earn wealth. However, on the different hand 2nd residence is sixth residence from ninth which is disorder residence so native father’s may additionally have fitness problems. Native will have attachment with father. Ninth residence is religion, so wealth will be invested in the non secular activities. 2nd is household and wealth and ninth is overseas travel, native may also have to go to or settle in overseas to earn fortune and take care of his family.

This placement additionally signifies good/higher schooling for the native. Such character will additionally contain in non secular pursuit. This is additionally eight residence from 2nd so no longer accurate for the marital tie or marriage continuance. There ought to be loss of life of partner or divorce relying upon the planet power and placement.

2nd House Lord in tenth House: this additionally works as first residence lord in the ninth house. It is regarded proper yoga if planets are in proper position. Person will be rich, earn cash via his very own efforts, wisdom, speech, he may additionally additionally begin incomes in an early age. He will be a profitable professional and will be involved of beginning his personal business. tenth residence associated to government, so wealth may also come from authorities sources. tenth residence associated to parental property, so native can also get property from father. Person will be very famous in friends, family, and in the society.

If 2nd lord is stricken then it may additionally reason some trouble to the father’s health.

2nd House Lord in eleventh House: this placement can additionally be examine as the first residence in the tenth house. 2nd residence wealth lord in the eleventh income residence is viewed very auspicious dhan yoga. This placement signifies a materialistic method in cash matters. Person will be very cash minded and he will earn via many sources. He will additionally earn with the assist of his elder siblings or buddies as eleventh is elder sibling and friends’ house. Person will be capable to fulfill his all fabric want thru money.

2nd is speech residence so individual will be knowledgeable to earn thru his speech. 2nd is 4th residence from eleventh which is alleviation residence so man or woman will be completely satisfied in phrases of household happiness.

2nd House Lord in twelfth House: it works as first residence in the eleventh house. twelfth is rate residence and 2nd is wealth so it potential all the earned wealth will be spent in some ways. But it is additionally 1st residence lord in the eleventh residence which offers desirable incomes possible so there will be desirable incomes as well. 2nd is pleasure house, twelfth is bed pleasure so man or woman may also spend cash on sexual want etc.

12th residence is additionally non secular and faith residence so individual will spend the cash on the spiritual things. This placement might also additionally send the man or woman to the overseas to earn money. twelfth residence belongs to hospital, so there should be expenditure on the hospitalization or character may additionally additionally earn via hospitals. Person may also have eye problem. twelfth is additionally unlawful or immortal residence so individual may additionally earn via some immoral way. Person can also no longer have useful father.