Best remedy for saturn sade sati 2020

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Best remedy for saturn sade sati 2020

Best remedy for saturn sade sati 2020

Capricorn, Aquarius and Cancer sign

1.As we konw before entering to Capricorn sign . Saturn has started giving his effects of sade sati to Capricorn, Aquarius and Cancer moon sign .

2. These sign people has started suffering from may 2019. Now when Saturn is near to Capricorn so saturn creating problems like

3. Suddenly major accidents, sickness to people, loss of money, fighting in relationship, breaking relationship,
Problem of heart attack and family.
House separations and people Left their family suddenly with fighting and any other issues.

4. Remedy is for all that kindly follow your Dharam.
Do your daily sadhna or spiritual practice through out the saturn sade sati properly and don't fight with servants, labour and poor people also.

Kindly do upasana of Lord shiva do Rudra Abhishek.
Jai bholey