Role and importance of ketu in astrology

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Role and importance of ketu in astrology

The Mysterious Ketu

In this post we will discuss about Ketu. What is exactly Ketu and what it actually represents? Can it give wealth? And good results?
Rahu and Ketu which are referred to as the north and south node of the moon can also be found mentioned in many other civilizations, like Egyptian civilization where the Pharaoh's used to wear crown having symbol of serpent. Also in Chinese civilization it's referred as Dragons, in greek civilization also. Rahu and Ketu the two serpents are extremely important in judging a horoscope.

Ketu is wilful, detaching, penetrating, manipulative, catastrophic. Rahu is imaginative, illusionary, dissolving, unpleasant incidences, diseases without unknown causes etc. Rahu and ketu are the serpents or demons who were always disturbing the Yagnas and all the Poojas performed by the Devtas. In astrology Rahu and Ketu are nothing but our own karmic entanglements not only in birth chart but in navamsa as well.

Ketu is our past life connection, lingering desires of past lives. Rahu is opposite, rahu makes you hold the matters represented by the particular house where it's placed. Ketu is more malefic than Rahu is. Ketu is like Mars, very very sharp, it cuts off the matters of the houses it's placed. In first house it will cut yourself from you. The accidents that take place where suddenly your hand or leg is cut is nothing but Ketu only. Ketu and Mars have great role to play in this.

Ketu is Aakash tatwa and is a movable planet or Graha. Ketu is never ever steady and will always make your mind think something, go from here to there,.there to here. Like in 3rd house it will give you very much travel.

Ketu if well placed and in 11th house or making other wealth giving yogas then it will also give wealth.

Ketu and Past life

Wherever Ketu is placed it shows you have some karma related to the matter of that house, and in this life ketu will trouble you in the matters of that house. Ketu in this life will cut the benefits of that house to make you pay back your karma. Ketu is moksha karaka. It will make you pay back all your karmas and will make you spiritual if you understand ketu perfectly.

Ketu is blind, will give blind faith in respect of matters related to that house where it's placed. Because it's our lingering desire, we want to achieve a particular thing but we are not able because we don't want to put efforts to get that, because ketu is detachment, detachment means it will cut the benefits of that house.

One thing to remember is Ketu is movable planet, and the house where it's placed the matters of that house will not be steady.

Ketu is basically unsatisfation. Means we never feel satisfied or happy with the matters of the house. If Ketu is well placed in chart it will give good results,inclination towards spirituality but if it's afflicted then it will give lack of confidence, feeling of loneliness etc.

If ketu is creating problem and is not well placed them some remedies should be done like chanting ketu mantra.

If ketu is in 2nd house you should maintain good relationship with family, if in 4th house then with mother etc.

"Om kem ketve namah" 108 times and praying to God for forgiving all your bad karma and give you peace and enlightenment.