jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius – 5 November 2019 | guru transit 2019

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jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius – 5 November 2019 | guru transit 2019

Guru Transit Predictions 2019 (From Scorpio to Sagittarius): 

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Hi Friends,

As I committed earlier, I would like to share my View on Guru Transit to Sagittarius happened on November 5th. Moreover, I had already shared a preliminary post regarding, how this Guru Transit  impacts your life events and to approach it by matching along with your Janma Kundli or Birth Horoscope. So kindly read my earlier post and have a understanding, that how much percentage this Guru Transit will impacts your life.

Fine, Now Let's see predictions for 12 Rashis, how this Transit would impacts and it's based on Moon sign.

Note : As this Transit  happens in Sagittarius, a natural Bhagya Sthan/Mool Trikona/Satwik house, Hence  Jupiter will mostly produces Positive vibes throughout for all 12 Rashis and it's overall a safe and less harm Transit to all.

For Aries Sign: ♈

Guru being your 9th and 12th Lord in his own house and also aspects directly will
bestows you  Happiness, Positive Energy and Unexpected Wealth and Putra Bhagya. Also auspicious Ceremony like Marriage, Temple Samprokshana will takes places. Also Gurus,Priests, Astrologers were given much importance. Overall Excellent period.

For ♉ Taurus Sign:

Jupiter as 8th and 11th lord in his own house, along with Saturn and Kethu. So this Transit would be a relief for Taurus peoples, because from Since 2017, they are suffering from Astama Shani and personally, I had seen many Taurus people's facing very tough times and I had lost my father recently who was running the same.

Currently they shall plan for Pilgrimage travels, spending some money for that and should take care of their Mother and get Blessings from them.

Especially for old aged peoples, they have some improvement in their health point of view.
Overall : Dharsans,Travelling and Blessings.

For Gemini ♊ Sign:

Jupiter as 7th and 10th lord in 7th house and also along with Shani, Kethu and getting Guru aspect directly will gives positive results. Any new trails can succeed, also auspicious time for Marriage and Boldness get boosted and getting Promotions and Business Improvements. Particularly, from this year beginning,.they are much affected from Gemini Rahu aspected by Shani, hence now, Guru takes control over Rahu, Saturn and Kethu.
Overall: Success, Profits, Getting Married, Enlightenment.

For ♋ Cancer Sign:

Jupiter as 6th and 9th Lord in his own house, might be good for Service oriented Professionals.
Though it's not a fruitful period, but it's a Non experimental period or a Self improvising or Realisation period. So if we have a ultimate precautions, then Guru will helps and prevents Losses.
Overall : Need Attention, Health Checkups, Money spent for any useful
 Services etc.

For Leo ♌ Sign.

Jupiter as 5th and 8th Lord in his own house and also receives Guru aspects will enormously bestows Happiness, Progeny and Speculations. Also Profits, Incomes and Mind Peace regaining will be guaranteed.
Overall: Family Tours, Family Deity Worships and Happiness.

For ♍ Virgo Sign:

Jupiter as 4th and 7th Lord in his own house will bless Home comforts and Interests in Buying Lands. Actually they are suffering from Ardha Astama Shani might gives stress in Home and Sleeping disorders. And they might have some Client Visits and Professional travels much. So they won't feel much tired and will be enjoying travels.Might consulting Astrologers or learning Astrology as well.
Overall : Spiritual and Professional Journey and Travels,

For Libra ♎ Sign:

Jupiter being 3rd and 6th house Lord in his own house, which provides them enormous Confidence and huge Position Energy. Marriage Events, Higher studies in Abroad, Profits will be enhanced.
Overall: Marriage, Fortunes and Profit.

For Scorpio Sign:

Jupiter being 2rd and 5th house Lord in his own house,So All services related Professionals and Employees will have a excellent growth. Also Business like Mining, Astrology and other will get more importance. Since being suffering from Shani Sadi final phase, Natives especially Patients health will be improved and they will feel energetic People will get sanctioned long term pending Loans.
Overall: Very Gud period for Professionals and Employees, Patients.

For ♐ Sagittarius Sign:

For Sagittarius, Jupiter being 1st and 4th lord, in own house, will works great. Shani/Kethu combination in Rashi gets enlightened by Guru's entry. So definitely, All sorts of auspicious events like Marriage, Progeny, Luck, Pilgrimage tours and Dharsans and Guru Blessings. Also natives can get the blessings of their Guru.
Overall: Fortune, Blessings and Marriage.

For ♑ Capricorn Sign:

Jupiter being 3rd and 12th Lord in own house, makes them more spiritual and matured.
Though there is no much special things to say, but this Guru will try to reduce Negative results. So Pilgrimage travels, Precaution in handling Enemies, Learning Occult sciences and having quality time in home and Physical relationships.
Overall: Travels, Comforts and Personal works.
For Aquarius♒ Sign:
Jupiter being 2nd and 11th lord, in own house,will gives excellent results. As Guru in Labha sthan bestows purely unexpected Incomes and profits, Marriage followed by Honeymoon trips😍.
Overall: Victory, Ecstasy, Happiness.

For Pisces Sign:

Jupiter being 10th and 1th lord, in own house, will give moderate results. Financial gains, obtain Mother's blessing, Business services growth.
Overall: Professional growth, Home Sweet Home.