2nd house in astrology

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2nd house in astrology

House Of Wealth


Second House Detailing: 2nd house is also called the house of Wealth. If the Lord of 2nd house is posted in the kendra or Trikon, it gives good wealth to native. Placement of 2nd Lord in trik or evil houses, namely 6th 8th or 12th house, gives loss of wealth. A malefic placed in 2nd house destroys the wealth. Conjunction of Lord of 2nd house and a malefic is cause of loss of Wealth. Placement of Venus or Mercury is considered auspicious for wealth. Jupiter posted in 2nd house is not so good, though Jupiter is significator of Wealth. With reference to Chamatkar Chintamani, if Jupiter is posted in 2nd house, native will have to face lot of problems and make tough efforts to make wealth. Even his earned wealth doesn't remain long or permanent with him. However Sage Parashara believes that Jupiter gives wealth to native if placed in 2nd house. This may look to be contradictory but fact lies in definition of Wealth by different experts and Sages during different time period. Infact Jupiter doesn't consider material comforts as wealth, Jupiter believes social wealth, health and knowledge as wealth. If Jupiter is placed in 2nd house and being Lord of 2nd or Conjunct with Mars, the native will be wealthy. Jupiter will be Lord of 2nd house if ascendant is Scorpio or Aquarius. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, promises good health and wealth. If the Lord of 2nd house is placed in house of profit, 11th house, and Lord of 11th house is posted in 2nd house, or these two lords are Conjunct in any other house, especially in kendras or Trikon, native will surely enjoy wealth and be wealthy. If 2nd Lord is placed in kendra and 11th Lord is placed in Trikon or Jupiter is conjunctting or having mutual aspect with Venus, the native will be wealthy. Even if 11th Lord and 2nd Lord make 1,5 or 1-9 relationship, it will bestow good wealth to native. Placement of 2nd Lord in 6th house is not considered good normally. It links the wealth to loans. Such native may have to dispose wealth in loans or diseases. If there is a link or relationship of 6th house with 10th house, the native may be in fields of finance especially connected to loans, debts and financing. If 2nd Lord is aspected by malefic and having a relationship with 6th house, it will lead to loss of property and wealth. 11th Lord being conjunct with malefic or being aspected by malefic indicates problems in earnings. 2nd Lord afflictions indicate hardship in acculturation of Wealth. The bad combination is combustion of 2nd and 1st Lord and additionally no good planet aspecting these, it will lead to real issues in earnings and accumulation of wealth. Rahu in end house is an uncomfortable placement. If Lords of 2nd and 11th house are placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house, Mars is posted in 11th house and Rahu is posted in the 2nd house, then there will be loss of property and wealth due to punishment pronounced by ruler or government. This loss of wealth may be in form of penalties, fines etc imposed on by government in modern perspective. If posted only in 12th, there is possibilities of imprisonment in addition to loss of property. If Jupiter is posted in 11th house, Venus in 2nd and a benific in 12th house, while 2nd Lord is conjunct with a benific planet, there will be expenses on religious and/or charitable activities and purpose. When 2nd Lord is posted in own sign or is exalted, in such a case, native will help people and look after their interest. He will be famous for his helping deeds and nature. If 2nd Lord is conjucting with a benefic planet and is placed in good division like Parvatamsha etc, then the native will acquire all kinds of wealth in his life effortlessly. Note: If aplanets remains in own sign in 6 or more than 6 divisional charts out of ten Dashavarga charts, then it is called Parvatamsha division. If 2nd Lord is placed in any of such divisions conjucting with a benific planet, then native will acquire immense wealth without much efforts. End Lord and 2nd house also represent eyesight. If 2nd Lord is strong, eyes will be healthy. However if posted in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then eyes will be with defect or deficiency. Even if 2nd Lord going to ascendant and ascendant Lord going to 1wth will cause weakness in sight. Affliction of 2nd house or 2nd Lord also indicates weakness of native to truthful dialogue and flattery. End house causes windy diseases, gastroenteritis trouble, rheumatism etc. Contd……...