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 🔷🔶 Some Remedies to improve your Jupiter (गुरु) 🔶🔷

Before knowing about remedies first let's understand what is Jupiter actually? And what value does it hold in our life?

Jupiter is the unique combination of Fire 🔥 and Water💧 Sign. Fire (Sagittarius) that doesn't hurt anyone and open ways for spirituality and Water (Pisces) where Venus feels super comfortable and makes someone lose himself completely. Although love distracts us from spirituality but Jupiter holds both things together. On one side he guides us to follow path of Dharma and other side he makes us aware from supreme form of our Venus. How a planet is coordinating between both things? Isn't it surprising?

Perhaps you've got to know the value of Jupiter in our life. So let's discuss about some remedies which can make our Jupiter strong so that we can also coordinate between both things.

First think, What makes our Jupiter weak and what mistakes are we committing in our day to day life which is making our Jupiter weak?

Sun, Moon and Mars are considered friends of Jupiter whereas Venus and Mercury are considered enemies. Why Jupiter has problem with these two planets?

🔹Mercury is child and regulates communication of our life so sometimes in childish way we communicate such things which disrespect other person and here our Jupiter gets weak. So what if we take care of this thing and never disrespect other person through our communication. Ain't we making our Jupiter strong?

🔸Let's come to the Venus. Venus  feels so comfortable in Jupiter sign but why Jupiter doesn't feel so comfortable in Venus sign? Answer is simple. Most of the dharma is broken in field of love. We forget our limits and go against our dharma. Every time when we break heart of someone or cheat other person, our Jupiter gets weak. Isn't it in our hand to control our Venus to not against dharma and protect our Jupiter?

These two are precautions that we need to take before using our Mercury and Venus. There is no sense to strengthen our planets if we are continuously making them weak through other activities. So take care of these two points to protect your Jupiter.

So now let's discuss about remedies. One thing these are applicable for all ascendants and placement of Jupiter in your chart. So now let's start.

Remedy 1 ✍️
Jupiter is considered natural lord of 9th house (Sagittarius sign) and gets exalted in 4th house (Cancer sign) so what it means?

🔹Dharma (9th house) gets strong when we take care of our Mother (4th house) so Mother is your first dharma so Do take care of your mother to make your Jupiter strong.

🔸Spirituality (9th house) is going into Home (4th house) So make a spiritual environment at your home to make your Jupiter strong.

🔹Long distance travelling (9th house) up to Home (4th house). If life is making you travel long to reach your home then no problem. Don't feel irritated. It's also an effort to make your Jupiter strong.

🔸Attention of Father (9th house) is going into your Mother house (4th house) so your every effort in which you can make your father to take care of your Mother makes your Jupiter strong so don't let your father to go against your Mother just because of you.

Remedy 2 ✍️
Jupiter is also considered natural lord of 12th house (Pisces sign) and gets exalted in 4th house (Cancer sign) so what it means?

🔹Sleep (12th house) that can give you inner peace (4th house) So having a good sleep to maintain your inner peace is also a part to make your Jupiter strong.

🔸Forget something (12th house) to maintain your inner stability (4th house). So don't let yourself get disturbed due to something which is making you emotionally disturbed. Forget it, your Jupiter will get strong.

🔹Spending (12th house) to purchase or build stable property (Plots/ Flats/ Home)  can also make your Jupiter strong because you feel yourself emotionally balanced and protected for your future. So save your money to invest it on stable property to make your Jupiter strong.

🔸Spending (12th house) which you generally do for your mother (4th house) also makes your Jupiter strong.

Remedy 3 ✍️
Jupiter is considered natural lord of 9th house (Sagittarius sign) but gets debilitated in 10th house (Capricorn sign) Isn't it indicating something to protect your Jupiter.

🔹Whenever you ask your Dharma/Luck (9th house) to help you in your Karma sector (10th house) then it gets weak. So luck is not to help you directly in profession and work field. In that sector you've to believe yourself to make progress if you want to protect your Jupiter.

🔸Saturn feels himself comfortable in Jupiter sign but why Jupiter is not feeling comfortable in Saturn sign (Capricorn). Because Jupiter doesn't want to use him for punishment. So don't ask your Dharma/Luck (9th house) to punish someone if you want to protect your Jupiter.

🔹Is it good to get depended on your father (9th house) to build your profession (10th house)? So try to be independent and build your profession on your own without getting depended on your father if you want to protect your Jupiter.

Remedy 4 ✍️
Jupiter is natural lord of 12th house (Pisces sign) but gets debilitated in 10th house (Capricorn sign) so what we need to take care regarding this?

🔹Laziness (12th house) in Karma (10th house) weakens your Jupiter so before getting lazy for your work please do remember your Jupiter is  getting weak with your every single mistake.

Remedy 5 ✍️
Jupiter achieves digabali state in 1st house because from here he can coordinate all three dharma houses (1st, 5th, 9th) but what about Capricorn ascendants? If they get digabali Jupiter then they have to debilitate it. They can’t get both things together Digabali and strong Jupiter. Have you tried to find out the reason?

Because to become a solid Saturn (Capricorn) they have to avoid forgiveness (Jupiter). Here they can keep their Saturn strong but in result they weakens their Jupiter. So what we can conclude from this? Is there any chance to find out remedy through it? And can we apply this remedy to other ascendants?

🔹Yes : In life, sometimes such situations come when we need to choose one between Saturn and Jupiter. Now it's our choice what we choose and what's the demand of situation.

Is it good to punish (Saturn) for small issues or is it good to forgive (Jupiter) for big mistakes?

🔸So avoid using Saturn (Punishment) for small personal issues and avoid using Jupiter (Forgiveness) for big public issues.

I hope this article will help you to have a blissful life with strong Jupiter so that luck and Dharma both will be in your support 😇

Thank you so much for your support and cooperation 😊

Love ❤️ & Regards by Rishabh shrivastava 🙏