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sade sati report | sade sati shani dasha | sade sati 2020

sade sati report | sade sati shani dasha |  sade sati 2020 - rishabh shrivastava

Comprehensive Analysis of Sade Sati
After my post on sade sati there have been many queries from readers who want to ascertain if sade sati will be benefic or malefic for them. Here I am giving some methods. You have to use a combination of various methods to arrive at a reasonable assessment. But before that please bear in mind VERY CLEARLY that Sade Sati will invariably involve some pain. All pains or a mix of some pain and some gain is what you get. Don't expect all gains only.

1. Look at the relationship between lagnesh (ascendant lord) and Saturn. If they are friends eg Saturn and Mercury, sade sati may be benefic. If enemies eg Sun and Saturn, sade sati may be malefic.
2. Strength of lagnesh (ascendant lord) Find it out using various methods eg position in natal chart, degrees, aspects on lagna (ascendant) and lagnesh, shadbala etc
3. Look at strength of Saturn as above.
4. Look at strength of Moon as above.
5. Relative position of Saturn and moon. If Saturn is aspecting Moon in natal chart or is in a malefic position eg 6/8, it may add to negativity.
6. Check paya.

After these basic rules of astrology, now I am giving some lesser known tools.
Check Sarvashtakvarga for the three houses of sade sati.Check Bhinnashtakvarga of ascendent, Moon, Saturn. For Saturn, check it for natal sign and the three houses involved in sade sati. Count of 28 or more in Sarvashtakavarga and 5 or more in Bhinnashtakavarga is good score.
Bhinnashtakavarga breaks up a rashi in 8 parts and give you minute details to level of sub lord. You can analyse and pinpoint a period as small as 3 and a half months of sade sati.
Finally check the three signs involved in sade sati and check the relationship of Saturn with their sign lords. For example: if natal moon is in Taurus, the three signs involved are Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The owner of Aries, Mars, is enemy of Saturn, also Saturn gets debilitated in this sign, so you can get neutral to bad results in first phase of sade sati.
The second sign Taurus is owned by close friend of Saturn, Venus. Also Moon is exalted. So expect neutral to good results. Finally third sign is owned by Gemini, again a friend of Saturn, so expect neutral to good results.
This is a very comprehensive approach and is the way I analyse sade sati. Trust this helps you.