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Palmistry(Palm Reading) is Foretelling the Future, nature and character of a person through the study of palm.

 It is commonly believed that palm reading actually originated in India, and has its root in astrology and fortune tellers. A Hindu sage, Valmiki, is thought to have written about palm reading several thousand years ago.

For centuries, man has been eager to know about his Future. He created various branches on the basic of astrology to satisfy himself and to find out about future events such as palmistry, astrology, and numerology knowledge. Palmistry is an ancient branch of knowledge, science. which assesses the person's character and his future based on the lines of the hands. It is also known as Chiromancy.       

Its practice is not limited to any culture, religion and region. It is found all over the world with diverse culture variation. Therefore, different version are available for analysis of hand lines and many features of the hand. Individual who are engaged in the practice of this art are known as palmist, palm reader or hand analysts.

There are innumerable version of interpretation in various forms of palmistry. However, some steps are followed all over the world. A good palmist should analyze every lines of the hands (life line, heart line, etc), every mount, elevating, matching and cutting of the fingers, their color of the palm skin etc.

A palmist analyzes both hands based on palmistry and the type of reading them. The left hand of a person who works with the right hand is called the "birth hand" which represents the subconscious mind of the person and the inherited characteristic. And the conscious mind with the right hand of the person who represent such characteristic as his identity, ability and ability to receive. This situation will be opposite for the left-handed.