krittika nakshatra pada 4 saturn

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krittika nakshatra pada 4 saturn

Krittika Nakshatra in Astrology

Kritika Nakshatra falls in the zone of Mars and is ruled by Venus (Aries and Taurus) and the Sun. 1 pada (3 ° 20 ') is the remaining 10 ° 00' in Taurus in Aries). Kritika nakshatra is the third nakshatra known as the 'star of fire'. The astronomical location of this lunar mansion is in the group of seven bright stars, which is in the form of the constellation Kritika. 

The Alcione star is considered the most beautiful and brightest star in the upper torso of the Bull. It represents Dahana Shakti, the power to ignite or overcome negativity to gain the deepest truth. Kritika is ruled by Agni, the god of fire. This is the power to burn (right power). Primitive light is the primary symbol of this constellation, representing purification by the holy fire (yajna). When we eat food, it gets digested by the stomach and goes to the brain and what we eat works accordingly. 

The power of Kritika Nakshatra is to burn our bad karma through the house (fire) ritual. Agni is the stomach of this universe and every seed associated with the planets. Our evil deeds are associated with planets, and when we throw the seed into the fire, it burns in the fire and goes into the sky and purifies our consciousness. Kritika nakshatra burns negativity, purifies our mind. Agni is the purest substance.

The ruling planets are gods of fire, gods of fire. The power of this lunar mansion is the power to overcome negativity to find the truth. Kritika is also a transformative constellation. 

Kritika shows the ability to burn all the impurities of life or wrongly give desired change in one form and gives rise to purity, morality, and virtue. Moon is powerful in this constellation in 3 constellations Taurus. The second symbol for this asterisk is a razor that signifies the cutting activity of this constellation that can heal or destroy. Kritika is considered the constellation where Shakti is born. Kritika people are avid, courageous and able to cut off the unnecessary to achieve their goals. They like to be highly ambitious and self-motivated. Logical, skeptical mind, creative ability, enthusiastic and brave are his distinguishing traits. Kirtika's first 3`20 comes in Aries, which brings aspirations for radical changes in personal and social life. The remaining 10 ° 00 '' of this nakshatra comes in Taurus, which gives the gift of fine arts, beauty, elegance and fashionable dress.

The shadow side of this lunar mansion is quality-like erosion. It is a demon or demon nature with a primary motivation of kama or desire. Agni with fire-power is the symbol of brightness and brightness and all weapons. And other items of this category fall within the range of Kritika group. This nakshatra rules wars, battles and disputes with weapons. 

People with this constellation have a biting intelligence and can be sarcastic and critical. They are stubborn, aggressive and can be very angry. Those born under Kritika Nakshatra have formed relationships with relatives and friends. 

However, these individuals are glutton, foodie buff, fond of the opposite sex, stingy, and destructive instincts of a worrying nature, a passive-aggressive personality, May's illicit affairs, and attraction to others. 

The recitation of this nakshatra is a person's desire nature and discipline to find enjoyable activities that are truly healing and revitalizing.