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An orbital is an astronomical chart or diagram that represents the position of the sun, moon, planets, astronomical aspects and sensory angles in an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. The word horoscopic is derived from the Greek word green and scopus, which means "time" and "supervisor" (horoscopus, pl. Horoscopic, or "hour marker"). Other commonly used names of zucchini in English include natural charts, astronomy charts, astro charts, sky maps, sky maps, star charts, cosmogams, windfires, radical charts, radix, chart wheels, or bus charts. General Chat Chat Lounge It is used as a decoration method in relation to timely events, and forms the basis of astronomy astrology traditions.

In common use, males often refer to the interpretation of an astronomy, usually based on the solar system's astrological system. At the time of birth, according to the status of the sun, or according to Chinese astrology, an event calendar is important. In particular, many newspapers and magazines have predictive columns, which are written in prose that can be written over by readers who are directly linked to the sun or other aspects of the solar system, allegedly the Sun. The amounts are based on heavenly effects, in relation to appointments. In the month of birth, the tail of the tail (2 days before or after a particular sign), or 3 months (divided by three to ten days), in the month of the person's birth, the person's sun sign or "star sign." "" Identifies. "Based on the tropical amount. 

There are currently no scientific studies that support maternal accuracy, and the methods used to describe them are inventive. There is no known interaction between the modern scientific framework, which may be responsible for the delivery of a person at birth and the effects of stars in the sky. General Chat Chat Lounge [Citation needed] In all the tests completed, masculinization showed no effect beyond pure chance, given the strict methods of incorporating appropriate bias between control groups and users and articles. In addition, some psychological experiments have shown that it is possible to construct a generic description and prediction genre to satisfy the majority of large audience members simultaneously, as Called the forearm or barome effect.

The Zodiac

The zodiac, or "animal cycle," is a sphere or belt in space that is projected onto the celestial sphere through which the planets move from our point of view. The symbolic geometric construction, around 15 to 18 degrees, is divided into 12 signals, each 30 degrees longitude (all 360 degrees), with a clear path to the sun, in the middle line, with the eclipse. The tropical amount used by most Western astronomers is at the same time that the sun crosses the equator and enters the mesh. Some Western astronomers have opposed the tropical amount in the form of Indian ("astronomy") astronomers, which are more dependent on the actual state of the constellations in the sky, which is a seasonal dynamic.
The tropical zodiac describes the vernal point (the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere) as the first degree of mesh, but it is allowed. Many people are confused about the difference between saddle money and tropical money. Due to a "waist" in the Earth's axis (often referred to as the "great year"), the duration of the equinox is about 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 50.23 seconds in the sky, about 26,000 years. ۔ One year, one degree flows every 72 years. Thus equinox occurs every 6 years at a rate of 5 kl arc minutes. Tropical signs are related not to the stars but to the seasons. An example is this: A person born on August 28, 2002 will assume that his or her Sun is in Kanya (according to Western astrology) (every year from 23 August to 22 September is a symbol of the traditional sun. Up to September), but in the same calendar year 2002, the money was in the sign (where it was from August 10, 2002 and will remain until September 15, then eventually come to Virgo).

It is worth mentioning that both the sidereal signal and the tropical signal are geometric conferences of 30 ° each, whereas the zodiac is a graphical representation of the mystical personality presented over the celestial sphere based on the pattern of the star of the visible star. No one is perfect. Does not occupy Eclipse 30 Therefore, the towers and the signs are not the same, although for historical reasons their names can also be found. 

It is also worth noting that some astrologers do not use the signs of the zodiac, but rather pay more attention to aspects of astrology and other features of the mammoth.

The sun indicates the amount in which the sun is located for the locals. This is the only astronomy known to most people. If an event occurs at sunrise and the sun symbol is the same. Other mounting signals can be estimated from there for approximately two hours.
There is a boundary between the two symbols or houses. In some cases, there are two signs or a small section of houses that are under consideration.

Construction of a horoscope in Western astrology

In order to create a mammoth, an astronomer must first find the exact time and place of the birth or occurrence of this article. Local standard time (adjustments to save any time of day or time) is then converted to Greenwich Main Time or Universal Time at the same time. Then the astrologer has to change it at the time of the local constellation at birth so that the midwife can climb and count. The astronaut will consult a set of episodes next, called a supernatural, which describes the location of the sun, moon, and planets about a particular year, date, and the time of the tower, which is located in the northern hemisphere. Aeronautical based on asynchronous or fixed stars. (Based on which the astronomy system is being used). The astronomer then combines this space to determine the correct local mean time (LMT) at the distance between the longitude and the location of the question, to determine the horizon. Where will the planet appear at the right time and place in question. Earthquakes also show hidden planets underground.

There are about 12 zygotes in the vicinity, beginning with the ascending or rising sign from the eastern horizon. These 12 areas are called very systems for calculating houses and their divisions. Since the nineteenth century, tables of houses have been published to make it otherwise demanding easy work.

Placements of the planets

After establishing the relative positions of the symbols in the houses, the astronomer places the sun, moon and planets in their proper astronomical locations. Some astrologers also take care of minor planet objects, stationary stars, asteroids (such as Chiron), and other arithmetic points and angles such as the umrah, the equatorial ascendant. Many astrologers use what is commonly called the Arabic part (or Greek lotus), the most common being Fort H Fortune (Persian Fortune).