Darakaraka In Astrology

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Darakaraka In Astrology

Darakaraka In Astrology

There are generally two marriage causal planets in astrology that define what type of partner they will find. 

Jupiter and Venus are the most important planets when we seek married life because Jupiter is the husband in a female chart and Venus is the wife in a male chart. By looking at the house in which these planets are placed, 

one can tell about the place where he can meet the spouse and the nature of the spouse through his sign placement, but this partner Gives only 50 percent of the picture.

Mithun is astrological in astrology. Darakaraka is the planet which is the lowest degree in the chart which reflects the nature of the spouse. 

Depending on which planet, the lowest person gets life partner according to planetary nature. 

The person gets the result based on the position of the causative planet. The sign of the planetary planet plays a major role in explaining what type of planetary planet is. If the planetary planet inspired by other planets (whether the planet is an enemy or a friend), if desired by a friend or conjunct, then it is helpful to the planetary planet and the person gets a good companion or is an enemy. The person may find a partner that will not be helpful. If the planets are retrograde, combustion is also affected and reflects different nature.

For example, if the Sun is the planet in the Aries zodiac, then the person gets a life partner who has the same nature as the Sun in the Aries zodiac, but if the Sun is there in the Libra zodiac, then the person gets the life partner, like the Sun in the Libra zodiac. Like nature happens because the signs of planetary nature also change. However, these are common behaviors of the planet in the chart.