Ketu in Taurus Explain In Brief

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Ketu in Taurus Explain In Brief

Ketu in Taurus

Ketu in Taurus

Venus is ruled by Taurus and it shares an average relationship with Ketu. Here, Ketu is in an earth symbol and mythology; It is depicted as a dragon tail. Such people want to walk independently and want to agitate, but this does not mean that they fly in the air because Taurus is a sign of the earth and this element keeps them on the ground. Due to the impulse given by Ketu, such people are always drawn between the need for movement and the need for stability. Ketu also gives mood to the person in Taurus. These people like to talk a lot and sometimes are very stubborn. These people have to face obstacles in the acquisition of luxuries and physical amenities.

Ketu in the Taurus Zodiac also hinders love life. Such people also face issues within their family. They often go towards the wrong directions in life, which require unethical work. While they are very loving, caring and kind, they, in turn, struggle to get the same level of love and compassion. Ketu in Taurus Zodiac makes the person dull Such people tend to have a tendency of procrastination. These native residents can sometimes be quite stubborn as a bull. By joining the challenges in maintaining relationships, ego also strongly determines their character.

Ketu in Taurus zodiac

Ketu Taurus

The place of Ketu in Taurus brings the planet to its planet with its supremacy and power, because it shares its friendly relationship with Venus, the ruler of the Jupiter zodiac, in addition, Ketu becomes weak with its maximum weakness in Taurus zodiac. Rahu's share was 20 degrees. This will completely bring negative impact on the original inhabitants of this combination.

Ketu's presence in Taurus has a lot of fluctuation in the life of the original with special effects of wealth, because people will also see poverty along with a period of high prosperity. Apart from this, these people will be very much connected to the world's wealth and materialistic aspects. These people have an unlimited desire for comfort and happiness.

Ketu's influence in Taurus can turn the people into the unethical direction, apart from this they make them more stubborn and arrogant in their behavior. These people feel uncomfortable in relationships but still, they can not stay away from them. These people keep in mind the unsettling of peace and harmony as well as instability.

Ketu in Taurus Horoscope

Ketu Taurus

In Taurus Zodiac, Ketu has spent his past life in luxury and comfort regardless of higher education. He does not listen to anyone and goes into routine life. In this lifetime, there is rarely a steady achievement and mental discord gives him great pleasure in life. He will go from one extreme step to living in the same life at the second place. His hidden motive and energy are strong and he will use it whenever he wants. Until a body does not bother her, she will be calm, polite and gentle. He can forget but never forgive, what else does he do?

Brief of Ketu in Taurus (Vrishabh):

Ketu in Taurus Zodiac means emphasizing physical things in the past. A person has given importance to their importance. Every node in this house should be abandoned in an authoritarian or materialistic approach.

Here the person is learning how to accept the revolutionary changes in his life, along with the circumstances under his life. He would like to rest in thinking that his soul journey has ended. She is tired, with the memories of her earthly burden from the past worldly memories, that she would like to feel the cost. As a result, it seems difficult to develop strengths for future changes.

On a large scale, he is associated with the pattern of old behavior which used to serve him well during previous incarnations. He has been individually connected to doing things in a difficult manner. Like plowing fields, he runs through this life, as if it was a long, straight fart. He spends so much physical energy that he weakens his spiritual self to this point that he becomes blind due to any new possibilities other than the extraordinary existence accustomed to that leading existence.

It seems difficult to learn by seeing others. Instead, he will work himself through every experience of life. As a result, he spends more time, effort and energy in each development phase. Still, he feels that he should believe in himself. He needs such big protection that when he changes his life, he does not really change at all, but he has been using all with other aspects of the same behavior pattern.

In previous incarnations, he developed sensitivity to his environment. To cope with the continuity of such sensitivity, he starts this life to find out the world of sensory imprints. She learns what feels pleasant and how it can be achieved. Even then, she always feels a lack of reaching full and lasting satisfaction. He does not feel that one hunger forgets the other. His great need for the property makes it difficult for him to enjoy what he does not own himself. Consequently, he stirs himself into long battles of ownership over people, things and ideas. He comes completely on his way. The more he collects collectively, the more he enters himself. In other lifetimes, the substance which was very much needed to obtain, it now turns into extra weight in addition to the extra baggage carrying. As the year's pass, the burden of the burden becomes heavy.

He has created the need to feel powerful so that he can take temporary shelter from the depressing feeling of failure which has hurt him in earlier incarnations. As a result, he goes in search of a business in this life, even though he keeps it in an official position.

He has gone through previous life loss for the ego that now he feels the need to prove himself worthy of respect. When he encounters the possibility of detecting his deficiency in any area, he will be in a deep depression. To prevent this from happening, he will push himself toward success even if no matter how much it costs.

It is almost certain that at some point in this life, the intensity of his actions will allow him to be included in the police at least circumstantially.

As soon as he reaches for his Scorpio Rahu, this person passes through a complete transformation. He burns the bridges behind him and starts to strike the pattern of old behavior. Experience teaches him how to cut off relations with cleanliness so that he does not move in the past with both legs tied in the past. His biggest increase is when he is able to let go.

The needs of internal dependence should be changed into complete freedom of thought and action. Strength increases with each passing year because it gradually emerges from its consciousness which oppresses it.

He should learn how to study the consequences of his subconscious desires so that he can earn self-esteem by practicing self-discipline.

These nodes are symbols of the soul that has been running on a degenerative path to many lives. Now the utensil of the soul has to be reversed to get rid of the decay collected by it.

Completing the work of this reverse process is very painful for the person because he can ever lose all close and dear ones. In the end, he will sacrifice more and more indisputably, for which he had bargained.

This change is so powerful that many with these nodes eventually spend alone in later years. In the process of abolishing the excess, they have abandoned everything themselves.

Even so, much of this is necessary if the person has to reach the point where he can clearly see himself at a very deep level. After all this symbolic death, he will ever come in his new life.

Ketu's home position indicates the area that has become decadent as a result of previous incarnations. The state of Rahu's house shows how the present life can be reborn.

Ketu in Taurus